Formitize Tip: How to Set Up Your Formitize Account

Setting up your Formitize account is quick and easy. Just follow these simple steps.

We want to make sure you understand and love Formitize before you invest any money, so we offer a proof of concept free trial. There is no cost, no obligation and no credit card details are requested, we just want you to see for yourself how we can help you and your business become paperless. If you have a particular paperwork pain point in your business, we will happily help you Formitize it for you and convert it into a smart mobile form with awesome features and workflows.


Where do I get my login details?

If you are the Administrator of the Formitize account, you can create your own Login details when you set up your account. You will receive an email confirmation from us with your login credentials. If you are not the administrator of the account, you will still receive an email confirmation when your username is created.

What is my password and username?

Your username will identify you as a user in Formitize. As a user you will be able to receive jobs and tasks assigned that are to you. Your welcome email will provide you with your username and password, which you can change or customize once logged in. You will need your Company, Username and Password in order to login to Formitize.


How do I change my password or username?

To change your password and username, Management Portal, Settings in the main horizontal menu and then User Profile. You can edit your profile from there – including, your username and password. Management Portal Users can also changes other users credentials by going to Users > View Users > Select a User > Edit details (by clicking the edit pencil or the blue edit button on the user panel).


My login details don’t work / I can’t login, what do I do?

If your login details don’t work, make sure that login details are correctly entered. Note that they are case sensitive with no spaces, especially the password. Often your device spell check will adjust your entry so please check that also. For login details, check first if you still have your welcome email with your login details. Alternatively, we can reset your password for you. Just email support@formitize.com with your Company Name and Username and we will reset your password.

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