Fully Integrated Advanced Drawing Tool Makes Life So Much Easier

We’ve all been there. Looking at an image, you instantly feel the urge to make some adjustments and draw on it to enhance the photos or take note of crucial features. Back then, you do this manually and then worry about storing it later. Today, new technology allows you to not only store images online, but also make changes as you go along. Sure, there are a lot of tools that lets you do that, most of them costing an arm and a leg. But, did you know that Formitize has one amazing feature that lets you do more than the usual, at a fee that’s easy on the pocket?



Here are some things you can do with it:

  • Simply import photos and draw on them.
  • Import floor plans or sitemaps and draw on them.
  • Use up to five layers, including Background, Grid, Content, Text, and Legend.
  • Drag and Drop legend icons onto your drawing.


How Formitize Advanced Drawing Tool Saves Time

The Advanced Drawing tool is fully integrated and saves so much time. Using the paperless app, you can import photos, diagrams, site maps, floor plans, or any image, and instantly be able to draw, sketch, and make comments straight onto the image. Also included is a powerful legend icon feature – simply drag and drop icons onto the floor plan to show work done or as a quoting tool.

Picture this: you’ve got everything documented in your latest building project. From floor plans to site maps – you’ve got everything covered. But then, an idea occurs to you while looking at these images. You immediately feel the urge to jot down notes or draw adjustments to your blueprint.

If you’re using Formitize, fret not; you can instantly retrieve the image you need and draw over it. Then, once you’re satisfied with your revisions, you can save a new version of that image. That way, you keep the original copy and also have a new one with your desired changes on it. Or, if you prefer, you can overwrite the image with your most recently revised copy. You can also keep the old image then archive it while sharing the newly revised copy with your workers.

Not only does this speed up the process, it also allows you to play around with the image and save the ideas in your head immediately using just your tablet or smartphone. This helps you stay on top of your business, while saving time and encouraging creativity. Imagine how fast your building project will be completed when you do everything online using the app.

In addition to site maps and plans, the image background has many other applications – from vehicle diagrams for damage checks to body diagrams for safety related pain location. Whether you’re in the construction business or some other industry, we all agree – a picture tells a thousand words. That’s why drawing on images saves time and adds great value.

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