Go Paperless for Effective Incident Reports

13 January, 2016

Every security company wants the same thing – the safety and security of the people you have promised to protect. Every time an incident occurs, it is imperative for you to record and capture the details as soon as possible. This is when an incident report becomes crucial.


Incident Report in Photos

It helps to have a smartphone or tablet in hand when something unusual occurs so that you are able to capture images of the event. Using the paperless Formitize app, your mobile workforce can create a new incident report and fill it with text and images too. This helps you document everything that happened for easier investigation later, as needed. The app enables your security personnel to record the occurrence with much ease and convenience with photos that they can tag for later use.


Save Time and Money on Paperless Forms

Using paperless forms also allows you to cut back on expenses and save time when compared with paper documents. Preparing incident reports has never been this quick and easy! Paper forms can be time-consuming because your security agents need to fill out the paperwork in the field and then come into the office to submit their completed reports. With mobile forms, they can simply open the app, fill out the required information, add photos and drawings, and then they can instantly generate a paperless report and send it to headquarters for review.

Aside from the money and time wasted on paperwork, there is also the issue of accuracy. Manual data entry can cause lots of errors as your mobile workforce jots down everything that happened in the incident report. Using smart forms provides so many convenient options for them to use during note taking. The time and date stamp and location tracking that comes automated with the app makes it easier to track the time and date, as well as the area of the party involved. The audio recorder and voice to text can be used to record verbal confirmations and other details taken during the investigation for the incident report. The integrated camera that comes with the app allows for convenient picture taking of things and people relevant to the incident report. This makes the app a powerful, one-stop tool for accurate incident reports.

Yes, going paperless can make things easier for everyone in your organization, especially for you, the owner. Now you can monitor your incident reports and other files online using our management portal and digital forms that you can customize according to your needs. No more shuffling through mountains of paperwork just to find the right document. With our amazing paperless app, everything is accessible right at your fingertips in real time. Whether you’re looking for reports filed weeks ago or searching for jobs submitted last month, you can use the management portal to search for that specific document that you need.

Discover how going paperless with Formitize makes for fast and accurate incident reporting.