Going Paperless Ensures Faster and More Accurate Field Work

3 February, 2016

Working in the field can be time consuming, especially if you’re still stuck using paper forms. More often than not, you and your mobile workforce are lugging around heavy catalogues and brochures for your customers to see while you’re in the field and carrying bulky paper forms used to record the information collected from your customers. Going paperless will give you the capabilities you will need to get the job done faster, while making your load much lighter.


Easy Filing and Searching

Imagine how quick and organized your field work would be if you go paperless. Gone are the days of manually writing answers on paper questionnaires and having to file them in cabinets, alphabetized and all. All your field agents need to do is to simply open a job using mobile forms with their smartphone or tablet, fill out the required information, take pictures if necessary, include a digital signature and submit the job. It’s that fast and easy!


Accuracy Guaranteed

What makes going paperless even more ideal is the accuracy that comes with filing and submitting digital forms. Just take your smartphone or tablet, open the electronic forms and start filling out the required information. Plus, every single data entered is guaranteed to be accurate, thanks to smart forms that ensure the right information is entered in real time. Every time a paperless report is generated and a job is submitted, you have the option to approve and accept the jobs or send the forms back to your mobile workforce to update in the field.

Every time a field agent submits a job, you can open and check each one for errors. This helps ensure accuracy and efficiency with your data gathering. You can even use the voice recording built into the paperless form to save voice memos as part of your mobile forms. You can also monitor your mobile workforce as they accomplish their jobs from start to finish, thanks to the time and date stamp that comes with each form.

Photos are also a great way to record what is currently happening with your customers. Your field agents can take pictures on site during inspections or audits. Perfect for before and after shots that depict how you have helped solve a client’s problem in the field. You can add tags to the photos for easy search later.

Just imagine how much time and staff hours you will save when you go paperless. Going mobile gives you and your field agents more time to spend on other tasks and taking better care of your customers as you save time from manually filling out paper forms, archiving and filing, not to mention searching for these paper forms in the future. Going paperless eliminates the headaches that come with using paper. You can assign, fill out, file, archive, and search for these paperless forms in one place. Imagine how fast and accurate your systems and wokflows will be.

Discover how going paperless ensures faster and more accurate field work