Holiday-proof your business: Top tips to keep business running over the Christmas break

16 December, 2021
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The closer we get to Christmas, the more offices are filled with a mixture of panic and excitement as everyone prepares for a few work-free weeks.

We’d like to take a minute to break down the key steps to keeping your business running over the Christmas break.


1. Autoresponders

Before you shut down your computer and kick your feet up, you should ensure your customers know exactly when you’ll be turning your computer back on again. Putting your organisation’s shutdown dates on social media or in your monthly newsletter are all important measures to take. However, you should also be setting up an autoresponder message on your email for those who might have missed it.

Your auto message should include:

  • Dates you’ll be gone
  • A contact number for urgent/emergency requests
  • An alternative staff member for them to speak to


2. Automate Invoice Chasing

During the holiday season, rules and responsibilities typically go out the window while everyone enjoys time spent with their loved ones, away from work obligations.

This means critical tasks, like invoice payments, can fall through the cracks. Returning from a relaxing break to a long to-do list of outstanding invoice chasing isn’t the greatest way to start the new year.

Through Formitize’s accounts module, you will have access to Smart Assistants. Using Smart Assistants, overdue invoices can be automatically chased. In addition, users can customise the wording and trigger different messages as the invoice gets older. These messages can be sent via email, SMS or letter, so you can be sure your accounts are staying up-to-date even while you’re on a break.


3. Break up your break

It’s tempting to take your full holiday over the Christmas season, but if you’re strategic about when you take time off, you can actually be more productive and more profitable.

Instead, you could choose to take only half of the Christmas break and work the other half. This way, you are allowing yourself to work in a quieter, less distracting space where you’ll be able to get more work done (work you then won’t have to worry about in the new year).

By working those days over the traditional Christmas, you can then use your saved up holiday time at a later point in the year and skip the usual crowds of holiday-goers!

Depending on your industry, you might also find that your competitors aren’t thinking strategically about when they’re taking their breaks, something you can capitalise on if you decide to stay open a bit later.


4. Set boundaries

Whenever you do decide to enjoy some relaxation, it’s important you remember to keep it just that—relaxing.

That means setting boundaries with colleagues and clients, letting them know when you will and definitely won’t be available. Turn your email notifications off on your phone, stay away from your computer, and put work aside on the days that are most important to you and your family.

It can be difficult to turn off, but everyone needs a mental re-charge before taking on the next big thing (aka, 2022).

At Formitize, we know the importance of making life easier. While our modules are designed to streamline and simplify everyday processes, we also understand that nothing comes close to how big a difference it can make when people take a break and enjoy some family time alongside some homemade eggnog.

From the Formitize family to yours, we wish you a safe and relaxing holiday season.