How Mobile Forms Can Help Ensure Food Safety at Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant can be quite the challenge. Every day, you run the risk of dealing with food borne illnesses. There are many reasons for food contamination – the most common of which is when you leave raw food out of the refrigerator for too long or when infected people are handling the food. Most of the time, food contamination is avoidable; you and your staff just need to be more careful.



The Importance of Going Mobile

There are many ways to ensure food safety at your restaurant – one of them is by going mobile. So how does going mobile change the way you handle food? First, you get a better system – one that works fast and works well. As a restaurant owner, you know how much you need to avoid food poisoning among your patrons or you risk losing them, as well as your good reputation, for good. You need to follow the highest food safety standards and install measures in your restaurant to ensure that you avoid any worst case scenario. You can do all this by going mobile.

Using mobile apps, you can install safety features such as food safety audit checklists and food safety hazard analysis into your existing workflows. This will ensure that you and your staff will follow food safety standards right from the start. Mobile apps provide mobile forms that you can distribute among your staff in order to stay in the loop and adhere to food safety regulations. This will help your organization stay on top of food safety laws.


How Mobile Forms Work

Data collection using paperless technology and mobile forms make adherence to and promotion of food safety standards more efficient and accurate. Your staff can complete your checklists, procedures and guidelines using their mobile devices and submit the mobile forms that they have filled out anytime, anywhere. Because these digital forms are stored in the “cloud,” those who have access can view and update them whenever, wherever.

You can integrate your mobile forms stored in the “cloud” with your existing software such as Xero and QuickBooks. You can also take photos or create drawings to support your documents using the mobile app. Formitize lets you tag these pictures and drawings for easy search later. You can also add time and date stamps and use this for fast and easy search of your paperless forms. Maximize these features using your mobile forms to improve food safety and avoid food poisoning in your restaurants.

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