How Mobile Forms Ensure Fast and Accurate Safety Inspections

Everybody knows that conducting regular safety inspections is an integral part of any business – from constructions sites to freight containers, warehouses and offices. So how do you ensure that your safety inspections are done properly to deliver the best results? By simply going paperless and using mobile forms, of course!



Why Use Mobile Forms?

Going paperless makes everyone’s job so much easier. It also ensures the best results and saves so much time, money and effort all around. These are resources that you can invest to grow other parts of your business. But I digress. Our focus today is on the importance of using mobile forms to get the most out of your safety inspections. The question remains, why should you go paperless and start using mobile forms?


Mobile forms guarantee that your safety inspections are:

1. Accurate
One thing that mobile forms do best is deliver high quality data that is both accurate and intelligent. That’s why they are sometimes called smart forms. Why is accuracy important?
When it comes to matters involving safety, precise details are crucial. Even the slightest of errors may cause injury, or worse, fatalities, if left unchecked. For instance, when your safety inspector misses a potential hazard, such as a loose pulley, the consequences could be dire. The pulley could give in at any moment and cause an accident at your site. This is why accuracy is vital to your safety inspections.

2. Timely
Using paperless forms means you never have to worry about delays in your safety inspections. Every item is checked and recorded quickly and easily. What used to take days or weeks to finish is now possible to complete in mere hours. Imagine how much this time saved could make a difference in your safety inspections.

3. Secure
Using mobile forms, your staff can conduct safety inspections, record the results and send the reports back to you for review. Data security is of utmost importance, that’s why working with paperless files in the “cloud” can make or break your safety inspections.


Formitize Offers Safety First Module

Job Safety is one of the keys to a successful operation. Formitize offers a powerful, integrated and fully customizable Safety First solution, which makes it easier than ever to monitor the safety processes of your business. The Safety First module can be as simple as a quick checklist before starting a job right through to comprehensive Risk Assessments and Incident / Near Miss Report.


Check out these Formitize Safety First Features:
* Simple safety checklists through to comprehensive Risk Assessments.
* Perfect for Pre-Starts, Toolbox Talks, Safe Work Method Statements and more.
* Safety Forms can be completely customized for your business.
* Tagged Photos, On-Screen Signatures, Time Date and GPS Stamped.

The mobile forms used can be completely customized to suit your business – the flexibility is very powerful. Management has visibility on the status of all job related safety processes. Notifications can be set up to remind field users and management if forms have not been completed by specified times and all records are archived for instant access and review. Keep your team safe and impress everyone with your safety program.

Going paperless and using mobile forms can speed up your workflows, making your processes faster and more efficient. You can start and complete your safety inspections all in the same day, with accurate reports delivered in real time. Check out all these features and more – Start your Free 30 Day Trial Today


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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