How Paperless Technology Can Increase Productivity in Your Construction Business

Success in the construction industry has always been reliant on its workforce. The more coordinated the efforts, the better the outcome for every project. Now that technology has introduced online collaboration, it has become much easier for people in your organization to work cohesively as a team. This means more efficiency, resulting in amazing outputs all around.



Technology and Real-time Collaboration

So how does technology help you achieve your goals in your construction business? For one, it’s easier for teams based in the office and the field to collaborate with each other in real-time. You can assign mobile forms to your mobile workforce in the field while project managers can monitor these forms and track the progress of your contractors in real time. This eliminates the delays that you used to encounter back when you were reliant on paper forms that had to be submitted to the office managers in person. This amazing paperless technology also eliminates the need for additional data-entry work, making your process more efficient and more accurate too.


How Paperless Technology Helps

Introducing paperless technology into your workflows improves your system and brings in more potential for growth in terms of profits and overall performance. You can easily integrate your new paperless solution into your existing systems and double your output while cutting your costs in half.

Imagine how fast and accurate your reports can be when you go paperless. From raw data collection and data processing to generating reports in real time, you remove the additional guess work and unreliable data entry. This gives you more time to focus on the actual construction requirements that your clients expect you to meet.

Going paperless cuts costs and increases efficiency, thus helping you meet your construction projects’ deadlines. Meeting zoning laws become a breeze as you conduct all of your surveys in real time using mobile safety checklists. Using digital forms, you can accomplish the standard zoning requirements in less time and hassle as compared with your old paper forms.

Formitize has a drawing feature that lets you and your contractors make notes on blueprints using any Smartphone or tablets. You can also take photos onsite so you’ll have a quick and efficient way of keeping track of daily changes in your construction site.

You deliver faster and impressive results. Now that your crew spends less time on paperwork, they have more time to focus on what really matters – your projects. Imagine how happy your clients will be when they see the amazing results in half the time.

Now is the perfect time for you to go paperless. We can formitize your paperwork for you!

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