How to Choose the Best Food Safety and Facilities Management Tool

Running a business in the food industry requires a lot of hard work and careful consideration. You have to ensure that the food and beverages you serve are not only healthy but also safe for human consumption. You can’t be too sure about what you provide for your customers. No one wants a salmonella incident or food poisoning as these could sound the death knell for your business. That’s why you need to rely on technology for the best paperless solutions. Granted, choosing the right food safety and facilities management tool can be quite tricky. You need to take into consideration several things in order to come up with the perfect tool for your business.



Here are a few items to consider when choosing the best food safety and facilities management tool:

1. What Your Customers Want – Your restaurant offers delicious and sumptuous meals for your customers. In order to serve them well, you need to know what your customers want in their meals and how you can provide them with delicious dishes that they can afford. Using mobile forms, you can conduct online surveys or actual surveys in your restaurant where your patrons can enter their answers directly into the digital forms using a smartphone or tablet. There are mobile applications or apps that can help you with this.

2. Improving Your Workflow – Using mobile forms, you can remove some steps in your current workflow. For instance, checking your inventory is a breeze as your staff no longer needs to review any paperwork, which could take hours to sort. They can just open the app and check your supplies then jot down what needs to be replenished in the paperless form that they can easily access using a smartphone or tablet.

3. Maximizing Safety Inspection Checklists – Using mobile forms for your safety inspections reduces the amount of time spent on actual inspections as you tick off each item in your checklist using the app. Instead of using paper, you can use smart forms that allow you to create Safety Inspection Checklists that you can use on a regular basis and generate paperless reports once you’re done.

These are just some of the things that you need to consider when choosing the best food safety and facilities management tool for your business. The rest is really up to you. Do you want a powerful paperless tool that will deliver what it promises? Perhaps it’s time to formitize your paperwork. We will formitize your forms for you.


What Our Clients Say

Formitize clients are quite pleased with the results they are getting from our paperless solution. Evan Wood, IT Manager at Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre Australia says, “As a Food Safety and Facilities Management tool, Formitize is a great solution. The App is simple to use and the Management Portal Dashboard delivers all the reporting and communication tools we need. Thoroughly recommended.”

So what are you waiting for? Let us formitize your paperwork right now.

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