How to Collect Secure and Instant Payments Using Formitize

Do you have problems with invoicing and collecting payments from your customers? Right now, you’re probably looking for a better solution, one that enables you to safely process payments for your business in real time. Look no further; you’ve come to the right place.

Back in the day, collecting payments used to be a long, tedious process that involved a number of people and lots and lots of paperwork. These days, Mobile Payments have made it so much easier for your company to collect fees from your customers. What used to take all day (or week!) to process can now be done in mere seconds!



Formitize lets you take debit and credit cards payments instantly without leaving the App.

This amazing paperless tool lets users:
* Take instant credit card payments without leaving the app.
* Get fully secure and compliant card detail management.
* Integrate payment amounts straight into form.
* Save money on separate card payment processors.

Improve your cash flow by securely taking instant payments onsite without leaving the app. Formitize offers a complete end-to-end solution and not a piece of paper in sight. The fully integrated mobile payment gateway enables users to collect credit card payments instantly onsite without leaving the app.

When you complete the invoice within Formitize, the card payment window appears. No more delays in getting paid with instant payment. The process is completely secure and compliant, ensuring that all privacy standards are maintained and personal details are managed correctly.


Take Card Payments

Formitize enable users to securely accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards from customers all over the world, fully integrated into your existing worksheet and job flow. Once an invoice is raised (and paid), all details can then integrate directly into your accounting solutions, such as Xero or Quickbooks and an automated invoice is instantly sent.

The solution is complete and available for our clients in: Australia, Canada, Ireland, United Kingdom, United States, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland. Clients in other countries will also have access soon.

Would you like to see for yourself how Formitize’s mobile payment gateways work?

Start your Free 30-day Trial Today! or Log into your Formitize app and explore!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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