How to Create Your Own Customized Mobile Forms Using Formitize

All of your hard work and research have brought you here – you’re finally ready to create your very first mobile form. In your mind, you already have an idea of what your paperless form will look like. However, you don’t know how to turn that idea into reality. Well, you’ve come to the right place. At Formitize, we make it a point to guide you whenever and wherever you need us. We’ll even “hold your hand” throughout the whole process, until we get it right – together!

Building your first form can be a breeze. In fact, you can customize your forms to suit your business needs or personal fancy. We’ve got the tools to help turn your paperwork nightmare into a stress-free, paperless reality. Whatever your needs are, we’ll support you 100% from start to finish, until you’re satisfied with your custom-built mobile forms. All of the magic happens here – in your Formitize Form Builder.



What Is the Formitize Form Builder?

The Formitize Form Builder is a cloud-based editor designed to create powerful mobile forms and data collection solutions. Our drag-and-drop solution is easy to operate and the WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) form viewer shows you how the App will look. Deploy and your form is instantly available to mobile users. Formitize lets you create fully customizable job forms to suit your business perfectly.


Your Forms, Your Choice

You can add the paperless forms during the Job Setup, or add them manually on the job. When it comes to building your digital forms, you have three choices: use the pre-built industry forms, build your own forms using the drag-and-drop form builder, or send us your form and we will build it for you. Real-time status of each form is always available, giving management amazing visibility of progress. Whatever mobile forms you need for your business; we have a solution just for you.

Plus, If you want to use your company logo to customize your mobile forms, you can upload it by choosing Settings > Customize > 1. Upload your Logo > Browse, then choose the right image and save. Once your logo has been uploaded, it will appear in all your forms.


Check out this video for more on Formitize Form Builder:

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