How to Deliver Excellent Customer Service Using CRM

12 December, 2017

Gaining customers and keeping them happy and satisfied is every business owner’s dream. Happy clients provide a constant stream of income flowing into your business (plus new clients through word of mouth). So what’s the secret to having happy clients?


The Simple Answer Is Excellent Customer Service

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, communication is crucial. You must listen to your customers in order to deliver your products and services at a level that they expect – or even exceed those expectations. You must document their comments and reviews so that you can learn from them and improve your products and services. There are many ways to reach your customers. However, if you’re still using paper, then you’re not maximizing the resources available to you.

So many things can go wrong with paperwork. Invoices could get lost. Your customers’ orders could be misplaced and forgotten. Your field agents’ tasks could get mixed up and they end up going to the wrong address. You spend a lot of time and money in collecting, updating, and storing paperwork. Not to mention the unwanted lag and inefficiency that comes with relying on paper. So why not make the switch now? Go paperless!

At Formitize, we want you to be successful in your business, big or small. Our goal is to help you automate your business with an amazing paperless app that complements your enterprise mobility needs. Now you can use paperless forms that you can access using any mobile device for data collection and so much more. Formitize lets you save time and money while reaching the widest customer base possible in your field. We know that your customers are your highest priority – that’s why we’ve come up with Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


What Is CRM?

In a nutshell, CRM is where you can nurture and grow your customer relationships. Bring all of your Jobs, Tasks, Forms, Customer Communications, Quotes, Invoices, Purchases, and Scheduling together in one powerful customer management solution. Managing your customer relationships has never been easier with the fully integrated CRM. Improve efficiencies, monitor progress, and enhance the level of communication across your business with one simple solution.


Here are just a few of the things you can do with CRM:


Rapid, Professional Communications

Say goodbye to time-consuming, inefficient systems with one-click communication to email, SMS, create letter, call or create an internal task related to your contact. Smart templates save time, improve professionalism, and pull in relevant CRM placeholder information for even faster, consistent communication with your customers. All communications are stored together with notes and live links in the Communications History tab.


Fast Task Management

Create and assign Tasks with a few simple clicks. Tasks are tagged with contact information and stored against the client file and the Users Dashboard. Change the status and update the Tasks with ease. Screen pop reminders ensure nothing is ever missed and Users have a list of current tasks to work through. Full task history is maintained with live links to the activity.


Powerful Future Reminders

Send automated future reminders for recurring or periodic work at scheduled times from multiple sources. Fully customized Email, SMS, Letters, and notifications for each different type of job can be automatically triggered to remind clients of future appointments – ensuring your recurring revenues are maximized and clients are kept fully informed.