How to Directly Email Resources Documents Using Formitize

We’ve all been there. You’d like to send the most recent version of your Pricing Details or some other important documents to your mobile workforce so they can share it with your customers in the field. The problem is, you’ve got them lugging around bulky folders containing your important documents, which takes them forever to sort through; or you’ve gone paperless but you still don’t know how to share documents and updates with your staff. Either way, it’s a major inconvenience for you.

Here at Formitize, we are constantly trying to upgrade our paperless app to cater to the growing needs of our customers. Our most recent App Release 2.5.5 sees an awesome new feature enabling Mobile App users to instantly email Resource documents directly from the App. This enhancement is designed to simplify your workflows, ensuring that you and your staff stay up-to-date using the most efficient process available.



About Resources

The Resources module is a very useful document management solution. You can upload documents in the Management Portal that will sync automatically to the Mobile App (with different users able to view different resources based on user permissions). You can create Folders and add multiple documents to those folders, ensuring all mobile users have constant access to only the latest versions. It is proving to be a really useful solution for documents like Operations Manuals, Safety Procedures, Registration Documents, Licences, Latest Pricing Details, and so much more.


Emailing Resources – The New Feature

The new feature allows the Mobile App user to email the Resource document to someone else by simply swiping the Resource from left to right and clicking the email button as shown in the image above.

There are many examples of how this can be really useful such as:
*Emailing an Insurance Certificate to a Site Manager for compliance;
*Emailing the latest pricing schedule to a customer; or
*Emailing a Chemical Material Safety Data Sheet to a customer.

Using our paperless app makes your life so much easier as you’re now able to email your most recent documents using the least amount of time and effort. Using the app, a simple swipe and click lets you send any document saved in your Resources as an attachment, in addition to sharing them online with your staff using the Management Portal. Now, you’ve got more choices to help keep everyone updated with your documents.

Want to learn more about Formitize Resources module and how you can use it to boost your business? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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