How to Manage Your Business Using Formitize Management Portal

12 January, 2016

Do you get frustrated everyday while paperwork keeps piling up in your office? Do you wish you could do something about it and get rid of all that paper once and for all? If you’re keen on growing your business sans the paperwork, then it’s time to go paperless. Get a better vision of your business with enterprise mobility and Formitize – an amazing paperless tool that provides wonderful features to make sure your business life is growing and thriving.


Formitize Management Portal Offers Powerful Features

Our powerful web-based management portal lets you see exactly what is happening with your business in real time. See your smart forms as your mobile workforce sends them from the field. Edit, send, or dispatch a job back to a field agent. This is enterprise mobility at its best, all in the palm of your hands, from anywhere in the world.


Here Are Seven Amazing Features of Formitize Management Portal:

1. Real-time Mapping
You can see when a mobile form is submitted, and where it was submitted from as it arrives. Get an overview of your field agents and their paperwork made paperless with our clever mapping dashboard. Efficiency meets productivity and it shows! Now you can track your paperless forms in real time.

2. Dispatching Jobs
Use the power of the cloud and enterprise mobility as you dispatch jobs to your field agents. Send pre-filled reports straight to their device in seconds! You can even provide relevant resources for the job, all controlled from the management portal. Fast and targeted smart forms ready for your mobile workforce to use!

3. Editing Submitted Smart Forms
Not sure if the right information will come in from the field? Or perhaps you want to review what was submitted later? You can edit, save, and even re-submit smart forms after they have been submitted to the management portal. Just make the necessary changes and send it off to your customers or mobile workforce. Easy editing, sending, and saving makes your paperless forms more accurate than ever!

4. Resources E-Library
Have all company documents, safety policies, sales literature and more instantly to hand. Upload the document via your Management Portal and all mobile users have instant access latest version of all documentation. The perfect Version Control tool!

5. Photo Management
Watch your Dashboard Photo Stream in real-time as photos from the field are tagged and ready for viewing, then click through to see the linked form. Perfect tool for competitor analysis, before-and-after photos and so much more.

6. Instant Report Tool
The Instant Report tool enables you to build an instant CSV reports on any single piece of data being collected in any of your mobile forms really quickly and easily. Once created you can save your Report as a template so it’s ready for next time.

7. Incredible Integration
With complete API’s and export functions, Formitize loves working with your existing systems. We actively integrate with more than two hundred cloud based solutions globally, including Xero, Quickbooks, MailChimp, Basecamp and a whole lot more.


Formitize Management Portal offers these powerful features and more. Explore the app as we help formitize your paperwork.