How to Track Your Marketing Goals for Your Pest Control Business

9 November, 2021
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Did you create marketing goals for your pest control business? You were able to launch your marketing plan during the new year and now you realize that it’s already the mid-year. Were you able to reach your goals? How did you do with your marketing efforts?


This article will help you gauge your progress and identify areas that need improvement.


Revisit Your Past


When you’re setting goals for your pest control business, it helps to understand where you’re coming from – what worked for you in the past and what you have accomplished. This will help you identify what you can do for your business now.


Get a clear understanding of your current business health by reviewing your revenues, expenses, and other areas such as cancellations and bookings. Find out how many customers you will need to maintain your target from last year. This will help you create actionable goals that will help you achieve your goals faster. Knowing your past will help you make strategic goals that are both specific and measurable.


Evaluate the Present


You will need to get a better understanding of where your business is at right now. You must review your current marketing plan and see what’s working and what’s not. Use your marketing goals as a guide in determining your current status and what needs to be done to achieve your goals.


Ask yourself these questions:


  • What is our revenue goal?
  • How many new customers do we need to gain to achieve that goal?
  • How many new leads do we need to gain the new customers we need to fulfill our goal?


Prepare a Road Map to Your Goals


Creating a road map to your goals helps you monitor your progress along the way so you’re able to go where you need to take your business. Determine your marketing objectives – also known as your Objective and Key Results or OKRs – and monitor your progress. A goal is your vision while an objective is a plan that helps you achieve that vision.


You need to identify specific and measurable goals, which should be on a timetable. Setting a deadline and schedules for your goals help you and your staff stay on track and achieve more in a timely manner. Stick to your schedule and watch your goals unfold before you.


Track Your Progress


You will need to review and evaluate your goals so you can tweak and adjust, as needed. Regular evaluation helps you keep focused on your goals and keeps you on track as you continue to implement your marketing plan.


Marketing and business goals metrics help you determine which marketing goals are working and which ones need to be revised or updated to improve your business performance.


Here are some metrics to help improve your marketing goals:


  • Lead Source and Type: Where do your leads come from? This could include your website, social media, local Search Engine Optimization, or customer referrals.
  • Cost per Lead: This pertains to how much you spend to get a lead. Monitoring this will give you a clear idea of your Return of Investment (ROI) for your marketing campaign.
  • Expenses and Revenue: Understanding how much you’re spending on and earning from your business will show you how well your lead generation efforts are doing and how your business is benefiting from them.
  • Conversion Rate: The percentage of leads that converts into actual customers, conversion rate arms you with the needed information to help you set goals, identify weaknesses, and make informed decisions as you improve your future marketing strategies.


Get Ready for the Unexpected


Like anything else in life, roadblocks may emerge as you continue to implement marketing strategies in your business. You will need to be flexible and open to new things that could help you with your marketing campaign.


In this volatile world, it helps to be consistently able to adjust and regroup as you focus on achieving your marketing goals. You can create a list of possible scenarios and ways to deal with them. This will help keep things running smoothly and make your business more efficient.