How to Use Formitize Mobile Form Wizard

9 August, 2016

So you’ve just made the switch to paperless technology and now you’re ready to start using Formitize. As global leaders in mobile forms and paperless data collection solutions, the powerful and feature rich Formitize App transforms your paper forms into smart mobile forms for Apple, Android and Windows Phone8 devices that are so easy to use.

The smart forms have each section ready to fill out, including checklists and dropdowns. Deal only with relevant sections and let your mobile forms develop their own direction as the responses are provided. Once the paperless reports are built, you can schedule them to be automatically dispatched to different recipients at different times.


Formitize Mobile Form Wizard

Formitize leads the world in mobile form solutions and, with the release of the intuitive Mobile Form Wizard, has taken the simplicity of form building to a whole new level.

Formitize already provides an advanced “drag and drop” style WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) Form Builder. However, to generate fully customized general business forms, the Wizard enables clients to simply answer a set of intuitive, conversational style questions. Once the questions have been answered, the customized form is automatically built for you and instantly added to your account all ready to use. You can also instantly view the finished PDF that the form will automatically generate for you – complete with logo and business contact details.

The Wizard was launched with 12 popular general business forms including: Invoices, Quotations, Work Orders, Timesheets, Vehicle Mileage Logs, Purchase Orders, Expense Logs, Incident Reports, Vehicle Inspection Forms, Daily Vehicle, Job Pre-Start Safety (JSA’s) and Job Sheets.


Using the Mobile Form Wizard

The easy-to-follow questions in the Wizard are asked in a really simple-to-follow, pick and select format that anyone can open and follow with ease. It is designed for people with zero computer knowledge and is already a huge hit with clients.

The powerful customization comes as the Wizard asks the right questions at the right time and builds the form for you instantly. We will be adding new forms to the wizard all the time – a great reminder of all the different ways you can formitize so many elements of your business.

So try it out for yourself! To see the Wizard in action, Formitize clients can go to their Management Portal and select FORMS > BUILD NEW FORMS and then choose the WIZARD option. Once you have built your form you can make adjustments and changes any time using the Form Editor, or if you would like help, just contact our super friendly support team and they’ll take you through it or change it for you.

Formitize Wizard – just another way to help you formitize your business and make your paperwork, paperless.