How Working from Home (and Going Paperless) Can Boost Your Business

According to new analysis published by the Trade Union Congress (TUC), there has been a 19% spike in the number of employees in the U.K. who claim they usually work from home in the past decade. The analysis reveals that 241,000 more people work from home compared with 10 years ago. The industries with the highest shares of home workers are IT, agriculture and construction.



Why Work from Home?

The TUC says, “There are many benefits to home-working, provided it is properly managed. People can save time and money on costly commutes, while the increased flexibility it provides gives people more control over their working time, as well as making it easier to balance work with caring responsibilities and the school run.”

Working from home can be quite rewarding, not only for the worker, but also for business owners. Giving your mobile workforce the ability to work from home or directly in the field or wherever they need to eliminates the necessity to spend precious time and money on commutes. This also gives them the freedom to set their own schedule and do their jobs in the best way they can. Working from home provides many opportunities for collective growth in your company, and your business is sure to grow when you adapt this practice.


Here are some benefits to working from home:

Working from home enables your mobile workforce to create and manage their own schedules. This means they can adjust and adapt, as needed, and find the best working environment for themselves. Going paperless means you and your workers can share and access important files and documents wherever you are, as long as you have Internet connection. Think of your workers’ professional and personal growth!

Save Time and Money
You and your mobile workforce can save a lot of time and money by removing the need for commute. You also cut costs because your staff no longer needs to occupy space in your office. Just imagine how much you will save from all the equipment and paperwork, which you will no longer need!

Increased Productivity
Removing the stress and wasted time caused by commutes translates into improved productivity. Your staff will have more time to focus on their tasks as they can start work early in the comforts of their home. Going paperless complements this setup because, using the latest gadgets, apps and smart forms, everyone in your company can access updated versions of important documents. Assign new jobs and track the digital forms as they are completed by your mobile workforce. Check and update the paperless forms and then generate paperless reports that you can send to your team or your clients. Witness your productivity grow by leaps and bounds!

Quality Output
When you eliminate the need to report at the office, you give your employees more time and opportunities to deliver their best work. They can focus on what needs to be done and go the extra mile, thanks to their new work-from-home setup. It’s easier for them to deliver quality products and services, especially now that they don’t have to deal with pesky paperwork. User-friendly mobile forms enable your workers to avoid common human errors as they can quickly and easily double check their jobs using your paperless app. Now that’s quality output!

Work-Life Balance
Because your mobile workforce now spends more time working from home, they are able to achieve work-life balance as they bond with their families more and more. Remember, happy workers equal happy clients!


As you start to implement working from home in your company, your first logical step would be to find a system that eliminates the need for paperwork in your workflow. That means going paperless! Formitize can help you with that. We will Formitize all your paperwork for you so all you need to do is open, fill out or update and complete your mobile forms. Formitize generates PDF reports for you so your mobile workforce no longer has to spend too much time preparing reports for your clients. We offer these and so much more. Sign up for your free trial today!


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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