Improve Your Safety Compliance Systems Using Mobile Apps

26 July, 2016

Every retailer knows that keeping everyone safe – including customers, employees and products – should be their foremost concern. For instance, you wouldn’t want huge boxes stacked haphazardly in your retail stores because that would mean a potential injury and even a lawsuit if left unchecked. This means that every area of your retail stores must be safe and compliant. To ensure this, your retail business could use some help in the form of mobile safety checklists. These are mobile forms that your staff can use to check the current status of your retail stores.


Old vs. New System

Using the old system that relied on paper forms, one of your employees could spot the problem with the haphazardly stacked boxes and put it into writing that someone should look into the matter to avoid any accidents. However, this could mean that the paper form would be filed somewhere and it may take days or even weeks before the problem is taken care of. Meanwhile, the boxes pose a serious yet unnoticed threat that could result in a number of injuries and even a lawsuit!

Using mobile apps, on the other hand, could spell the difference between disaster and safety as your staff can immediately record the potential hazard and assign someone to reverse it, thus changing the situation from dangerous to safe. The time saved between filing the safety hazard and finding someone to take care of the problem can lower the risk of any accident and increase safety in your retail store. Mobile safety checklists can do this and so much more.


What Mobile Safety Checklists Can Do

Mobile safety checklists can help you and your entire organization stay on top of things as every item on the list is checked and double checked with recommendations on those things that require attention. Using digital forms that can be accessed and updated in real time, mobile apps allow you and your retail employees to conduct safety inspections regularly. As the smart forms are populated, you and your staff can uncover safety hazards and other problems identified on the mobile safety checklist and find ways to solve these areas in the least amount of time.

Aside from identifying problem areas and finding solutions, you can also create emergency plans and label harmful materials or equipment on your mobile safety checklist. This will help make your retail stores safe and sound, while creating an environment that’s free from danger for you and your entire organization.

Using mobile apps offers the convenience of monitoring every step taken to resolve a potentially hazardous situation. You can go back and double check if every measure was implemented and by whom and when it was done. Your data is stored in the “cloud” so you’re guaranteed to have easy access to all the information you need now and in the future. You can provide any information required by doing a simple search. Using mobile safety checklists can transform the way you do business. Indeed, mobile apps are worth every penny.

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