June 2017 Release – New Powerful Functionality for the Formitize App

May has been a big month for our Solution Development Team with some awesome new features added to power up the App functionality. Having recently added the Mobile CRM and new Job Management features to the App, we are enhancing the App capabilities even further with these new features. Here is a quick overview:



View, Edit & Update Submitted Forms in the App

Historically, the ability to edit Submitted Forms has been restricted to Management Portal Users. The new release now enables Submitted Forms to be viewed, edited and updated from the App (providing the App user has required permissions).

There are many benefits in providing this additional functionality such as correcting mistakes in the field, updating existing records in real time, updating and adding to existing information submitted (such as updating time and materials costs to a job form) making client requested changes (such as Agreement Variations) and updating the Form Status to drive workflows.


Change the Status of Submitted Forms in the App

Mobile App Users now also have the ability to change the Status of a Submitted Form with a simple swipe and click. A form can then become its own workflow. At the end of each stage of work after the additional information has been added, the Form Status can be updated to the next stage in the Workflow ready for the next user.


Client History Notes Now Available in App Job Page

To assist the App User in understanding the client history, a new “View Notes” button has been added to the Job Page. Clicking on the button opens the CRM Client Notes so the App User can see all note history of the client before starting the job.


Swipe to Contact Client from App Job Page

When the App User is viewing the Job Page, the Client and Contact Details are added and the Client’s Email, Phone and Mobile number can all be swiped from the left to trigger integrated communications enabling integrated call, SMS or email.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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