Link Databases to Your Mobile Forms and Increase Business Efficiency

17 October, 2017

Are you overwhelmed with all the data entry tasks that you’re dealing with right now? Are you inundated with data coming into your business day in and day out? Are you looking for a better and more efficient way to manage customer data? If so, then we can help you.

Are you still using paper forms in your business but you’re looking to go paperless? Or have you already begun making that transition? Either way, our amazing paperless app will make the whole process easier for you. And, we’ll guide you every step of the way.


Introducing Paperless Forms!

Yes, Formitize can help you make the shift from paperwork to paperless. In fact, we’ll make the process as painless as possible. You have a lot of options – you can create your own mobile forms or submit your existing paper forms so we can create your paperless forms for you using your preferred template. Not only that, you can also keep using your existing workflows and systems, including apps such as Xero and QuickBooks.

Imagine how much time you will save by linking databases to your mobile forms. We can link databases and lookup tables to your smart forms. This is a powerful tool to maximize the efficiency and accuracy of your data collection. Integration makes all these possible.


What Does Integration Mean?

Integration means the sharing of data and processes between software solutions. In terms of Formitize, it means we have the ability to pull information into your digital forms from your existing databases or systems. And, in the same way, we can push information we collect back into your existing systems.


How It Works

By linking your mobile forms to your databases you can save huge amounts of time and reduce data entry errors. For example, simply enter product details or scan a barcode in the form and all related product information will automatically populate the fields of your form. This includes product code, price, description, product notes, and more. Formitize lets you scan products as they are being checked or used and your Asset Database can be automatically adjusted. This provides a powerful stock and asset management solution for your business.


Formitize’s Lookup Databases Feature helps you:
* Save time and reduce errors by linking paperless forms to your data tables.
* Upload existing databases that can be accessed in your mobile forms.
* Store and update databases for Parts and Products Lists, Site Locations, Assets, Pricing, and more.
* Integrate data seamlessly using a Barcode and QR Code reader.


At Formitize, we open new doors for your business as we simplify your existing workflows. Imagine how fast and efficient your data collection and reporting will be when you choose this powerful paperless app.

The best part is we’ll be right there with you – helping you make that seamless transition to paperless technology. You’ll learn how to maximize the app to boost your business productivity so you’ll have more time to spend catering to your customers and improving your products and services. Now, isn’t that neat?



Are you ready to make the change?