Maximize the Contacts Feature in Formitize CRM for Excellent Customer Service

25 April, 2017

As a business owner, your No. 1 priority is your customers and meeting their needs and desires. Each customer is as precious as the last one; so you don’t want to drive them away with low quality products or poor services. A sale is not just income in your pockets – it’s a potential for repeat customers and referrals via word of mouth. This means you’ve got to make the right impression to encourage them to come back… and bring their friends with them.



Why You Need to Stay in Touch With Your Customers

It’s important to keep in touch with your customers – even after the sale has been completed. You need to stay on their radar so that they think of you first the next time they need your products or services. In this day and age of modern technology, communication is readily available at the tips of your fingers anytime, anywhere. Getting in touch with your customers is as simple as taking out your smartphone and sending them a quick SMS or email. You can even call them if you want to.


Formitize CRM Connects You With Your Customers

Formitize Customer Management System (CRM) is a powerful solution to help you manage all customer interactions. Using the CRM Contacts Page, you can view financial information, see all contact details with quick actions buttons to call, SMS, email and more. You can also view and create tasks, add notes and see a history timeline of all communications.

The Formitize CRM Activity module shows all Jobs and their current status, all Submitted Forms related to the client, and includes great features, such as Document Management, Photo import, Quoting, Invoicing and Expense Management. Now you can create integrated quotes and invoices with one click.


Here are five CRM Contacts Section Features that you will surely enjoy:

1. Call your customers directly and save a recording of each call. Calling feature lets you record the details of every call made and add call notes while you’re speaking with your customer.
2. Send a message to your clients via SMS, email or letter. Create new templates or use existing ones to simplify connecting with customers.
3. Get directions to location. So you will never get lost when searching for your customers’ homes.
4. Populate fields automatically with stored information. So you can quickly and easily fill out forms. No muss, no fuss!
5. Invoicing system is fully integrated with Xero. Open invoice or view it in Xero. Create new custom invoice in CRM or open directly in Xero.


Yes, you can achieve all these using the Formitize CRM. Why don’t you test it out with your demo account? The text option provides an “add-on” package to buy text bundles, separately, to your monthly subscription. Simply enter the payment for the number of text messages you wish to purchase and send SMS to your heart’s content!