New Feature Alert: Receive Instant Payments

27 July, 2023
Formitize Instant Payment

You asked for it, we are close to releasing it. Very soon, Formitize users will be able to receive instant payments on the spot, from anywhere in the world. 

How it will work: 


  1. You will add the new Formitize Invoice PayNow feature (simple, one-off set-up).
  2. You will then be able to send your customer an invoice before, during, or after the job has been completed by email, SMS, or via a QR code link.
  3. The Customer can open the invoice immediately on their device.
  4. The customer can pay on the spot using Apple Pay, Google Pay, a credit card or another online payment method.


So quick and so easy!

Not only does this make life easier for Formitize users by allowing for instant payment and eliminating the need to chase outstanding invoices, it is also more convenient for the end customer by allowing them to pay instantly using Apple Pay, Google Pay, credit card or another convenient payment method. 

There are additional environmental benefits at play as well; it eliminates the need for a paper invoice and the envelope that accompanies it, and also prevents the potential postage footprint. 

With plans to release this in the coming 6 weeks, the instant payment revolution is right around the corner. Watch this space for more information as we draw closer to this exciting feature.