New Feature Release: Attaching Documents and Images to Jobs

The latest release of the Formitize App (2.5.5) includes the ability to attach documents and images to Jobs – perfect for floor plans, site plans, photos, pre-inspection agreements, and so much more. The Attachment will also be available for the Drawing Tool in the App so the field user can pull the Attachment into the Drawing Tool to draw or add legend icons to the attached image.



How It Works

The New Job page now includes an additional tab for Attachments. Simply upload the document or image here and it will be attached to the job. When the Job is opened in the App, the Attachments section appears between Job Details and the Invoicing sections. When the Attachments section is opened, the attachments are visible. You can click on the Attachment to view it. You can also swipe the attachment from left to right to email the Attachment to someone else.


Attachments Automatically Available in Drawing Tool

Even better news, the Attachments are also automatically available in the drawing canvas so that the App user can draw, add comments or drag icons onto the images.

If only one Attachment has been uploaded, it will automatically be uploaded to the Drawing Canvas ready to go. When the Drawing Tool is opened, a notification appears. If multiple Attachments have been included, the user will be provided with a list to choose the Attachment to be used in the drawing canvas.

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