New Feature Release: Streamline Your Quoting Process With QuoteAccept

27 March, 2024
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Formitize is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking addition to our suite of features: the QuoteAccept module. This cutting-edge tool is set to revolutionise your sales process by enabling swift and simple digital quote management.

Welcome to the future of client engagement - where speed and efficiency meet simplicity and clarity.


What’s New

QuoteAccept: Your New Sales Accelerator
    • Seamless Integration: A "Share" button will now appear in each Quote for every user, marking the beginning of an efficient quoting experience. Initiate QuoteAccept by clicking this button to access and enable the feature in your account settings.

    • Ease of Use: Once activated, the QuoteAccept interface that is accessed through the unique link provides "Accept" and "Reject" options alongside the Quote details, allowing for instant client responses.

    • Cost-Effective Solution: As part of our ongoing commitment to delivering exceptional value, QuoteAccept is available to all Formitize clients at no additional cost.



Improved Sharing Workflow
  • The introduction of a private Quote link streamlines the process of sharing Quotes. You can tailor your interactions with clients by incorporating this link into your communication, ensuring a seamless experience directly from the popup modal.

Real-Time Notifications
  • Stay informed with immediate email notifications when your Quotes are accepted or rejected. These alerts provide crucial details such as client contact information and specific feedback, enabling prompt follow-up actions.


Benefits for Clients

A Hassle-Free Quote Acceptance Experience
    • Clients can view and respond to Quotes on any device, with a user-friendly interface that displays both a summary and a downloadable PDF of the Quote.

    • Decisive "Accept" or "Reject" buttons and a subsequent confirmation screen ensure that clients can quickly and confidently make their choices known.


Benefits for You

A Faster and Simpler Sales Process
  • Quotes become Jobs: An Accepted Quote can be converted to a Job and Invoice, which saves on double handling and accelerates the Sales Process.

  • Paperless and Automatic: Send Quotes for approval and receive approved Quotes with greater speed and efficiency than ever before, bypassing manual hurdles and handling delays.


This transformative tool is designed to propel your sales process into a new era. Get ready to accelerate your sales and delight your clients with a smoother, faster and more intuitive quoting experience.

Stay ahead with Formitize – Innovating to automate your success. 


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