New (financial) year, new you – start afresh with a simple, professional accounting system

22 July, 2021
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Formitize explores how businesses can see the back of the tedious tax return time for the last time. We’ll cover the Formitize Accounting module and how it provides flexibility and capability, Xero integration, and real-time accounting.


Being stuck in traffic, changing a doona cover, waiting for your phone to charge, and filing tax returns…

What do they all have in common?

They’re all modern-day mundanities that, while necessary, can also prove rather mind-numbing. And, if you’re a business owner in Australia, then you’ll know all too well that July can be a tedious time as you go about filing your tax returns and making sure all your accounts are in order.

As you enter a new financial year, let it be a fresh start for the way you manage your accounting. Here’s how Formitize’s Accounting module can transform your business this new financial year.


Flexibility and Capability

Formitize’s Accounting module can be as simple or detailed as you want or need it to be. Whether you find sorting the accounts as tedious as making your bed or whether your business needs a more detailed accounting structure, the Formitize Accounting system caters to all needs, and importantly, makes it easy for all users to work harmoniously.

It has the flexibility and capability to provide a vast amount of data into whatever format best suits your business needs. Use it as you need or use it as a full package accounting system – the choice is entirely yours.


Xero Integration

Work smarter – not harder. Formitize’s seamless two-way integration with software partners, including Xero, provides visibility and avoids a double workload through duplicated entry.

Xero and Formitize are two powerhouse platforms that work in harmony to provide you with end-to-end real-time financial accounting, with everything in one place.

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Raise Invoices, Take Payments, and Create Quotes within Seconds

Formitize allows for real-time accounting. Wherever you are – be it in the office or out in the field – create quotes and take payments on the spot. No more paper, no more manual processing.

As for invoices, send finished PDFs with photos, signatures, and attachments to your customer within seconds. The automated follow-ups and invoice chasing restores your time so you can get on with the parts of your job you actually enjoy.

Let this be the last year you struggle through your tax returns – make the new financial year simple and fresh with the Formitize Accounting module.

It’s often said that taxes are one of the only guarantees in life. So, if it’s here for good, at least make the tax process within your business a pain-free one.