Next Generation Pest Reporting Suite Asset Management & Instant Online Agreements

Formitize, the largest Pest Control Software in Australia has developed an exciting new suite of fully compliant Pest & Termite Inspection Reports that will take professional pest reporting to a whole new level.

Formitize is really excited to announce the fast-approaching release of the impressive new Reporting Suite for Pest ControlThe full Reporting Suite will be available for clients from the 7th October 2019.

Matt Burge, CEO at Formitize stated, “We have always been restricted by the old-style reporting formats and layouts supplied by the insurance companies in the Pest Control Industry. Our clients have reluctantly tolerated them but we all know how much better they could be, and now we’ve been given the freedom to deliver them. Our clients will love the new look, professionalism and readability of the new suite of reports”.

Choose from our range of template styles or we’ll build yours:

6 clear objectives for our new Reports:

1. PROTECTED: Ensure your business is being properly protected by up to date and compliant reports.

2. INDEPENDENT: Provide genuine insurance independence so that you can change insurers easily without having to change your reports.

3. CUSTOMISABLE: Enable you to make changes to your reports using the Drag and Drop Form Builder. 

4. USER-FRIENDLY:As intuitive and as user-friendly as possible for the Technicians and Inspectors. 

5. IMPRESSIVE: Impress your customers with outstanding, beautifully presented PDF Reports.

6. READER FRIENDLY: To make the Reports as reader-friendly as possible, of great value to your customers.

The full Reporting Suite (it’s all included, just pick what you want to use)


TI1    Visual Termite Inspection Report (AS 3660.2-2017)

TI2    Visual Termite Inspection Report – Special Purpose


TM1    Termite Management – Plan 

TM2    Termite Management Treatment Proposal (AS 3660-2000)

TM3    Termite Management – Monitoring & Baiting Site Plan

TM4    Treatment Management – Monitoring & Baiting Proposal

TM5    Termite Management – New Construction Certificate of Installation (AS3660.1-2014)

TM6    Termite Management – Existing Structure Certificate of Installation (AS3660.2-2017)

3. TPI – TIMBER PEST INSPECTION                   
TPI    Inspection Agreement

TPI2    Pre-Inspection Agreement (Web)

TPI3    Visual Timber Pest Inspection

TPI4    Visual Timber Pest Inspection – Pre Purchase


A1    Inspection Agreement (Standard & Online Version)

A2    Client Acknowledgement (Standard & Online Version)


GP1    General Pest – Chemical Application Record

GP2    General Pest – Management Treatment Advice

GP3    General Pest – Service Report

GP4    Pest Management Activity Report

GP5    EPA Pesticide Application Record 

GP6    Agricultural Pest & Weed Service Report

GP7    Weed Control Service Report

GP8    QBCC Form 16 Inspection Certificate


WHS1    Risk Assessment

WHS2    Safe Work Method Statement (SWM)

WHS3    Pre-Start Checklist

WHS4    Vehicle Pre-Start Checklist

WHS5    Near Miss / Incident Report

6. WEBFORMS (Forms that can be completed or signed instantly online)

WF1    Contact Us   

WF2    Request New Job

WF3    Satisfaction Survey

WF4    Testimonial Request

A1    Inspection Agreement

A2    Client Acknowledgement


GB1    Leave Request

GB2    Expense Claim

GB3    Travel Log

GB4    Time Sheet

GB5    Employee Application

GB6    Subcontractor Application

Complete Reports on Desktop or Mobile App 

Complete Reports using the Desktop Web Management Portal

For clients that prefer completing their Reports on their desktop computer, the Web Management Portal provides the perfect report building and editing solution. Large screen, clear sections, dropdowns, image uploads, version control, PDF View and so much more to help build and edit reports with ease.

Complete Reports using the App – Apple or Android 

The mobile app works beautifully on mobile phones and tablets across both apple and android devices. 

The app design has been finely tuned to be as intuitive as possible for Technicians and Inspectors to complete all reports and access all required information. 

Two Options

As a business, you then have two options – either send the finished PDF Report instantly from the App to the client or, send the Report back to the office automatically to be checked and edited by Admin using the Web Management Portal before sending on to the client.

What else does Formitize include?

Complete Business Solution – It would be much easier to show what it doesn’t include!!

In addition to all of the compliant Pest Reports, Heath & Safety Reports and General Business Forms, Formitize is a complete business solution to help you run your business smarter with the following features available:

  • CRM Customer Database 
  • Job Scheduling & Management
  • Future Appointment Reminders (to ensure no appointments are missed by letter, email or SMS)
  • Current Job Status Updates (to keep clients and your teams updated on current job status)
  • Integrated Credit Card Payment Gateway
  • Sales Lead Pipeline (with Automated Lead Communications)
  • Document Management (with Automated Document Expiry Warnings)
  • Health & Safety First (with the option to link to Safety Forms to Job Type templates)
  • Online Webforms for Agreements (for Pre-Inspection Agreements, Job Booking and Contact Forms)
  • Integrated Quotations (and Automated Quote Follow-up)
  • Integrated Invoicing (with Automated Outstanding Invoice Chasing)
  • Task Management
  • Asset Management (For Integrated Bait & Rodent Station Management & Reporting)

Recent Feature Releases

1. Asset Management System for Bait Station Management

A powerful new Asset Register solution to manage all bait and rodent station assets. Upload all existing stations, Track all usage and activity changes, link to forms for fast and efficient station monitoring. Links automatically to existing barcode numbering systems or use the integrated QR coding. 

2. Webforms for Online Agreements

The perfect tool for Pre-Inspection Agreements – you partially complete the agreement with details and email link to clients. 

They can open the agreement on their desktop computer or mobile phone and sign on the screen to accept. You and the client automatically receive a copy of the Agreement PDF – So much time and hassle saved!

What is coming soon?

1. Bait Station Trend Reports

Now that our Asset Management Solution for Bait and Rodent Station Monitoring is live, we are currently working on professional Trend Reports that you can provide your clients (or that clients can generate themselves using the Client Portal)

2. Client Portal

An Online Portal for your clients to:

  • View Pest Reports
  • Generate Own Trend Reports
  • View Jobs
  • View and Accept Quotes
  • View and Pay Invoices
  • View and Upload Documents
  • Request a New Job
  • Request A New Quote
  • Request a Call Back

Don’t just take our word for it – we’re the largest for a reason.

Visit www.pestcontrolapp.com.au to view our huge range of clients in the Pest Control Industry and Testimonials from delighted clients from all over the world. 

Take a 30 Day Free Trial to test it out for yourself or call one of our team who would love to answer your questions, show you a demonstration and help you set up your trial account. Call us now for a chat on 1300 552 008.

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