Powerful Document Expiry Notifications a Great Help

7 February, 2017

Great new feature for documents that have an expiry date.

Many documents, particularly safety related documents like Material Safety Data Sheets have an expiry date.

It can be difficult to remember when these documents expire and Formitize has added a powerful notification system to help.


How to Set Up the Reminder

To set up the reminder, add your document to your Resources (note – you can create Folders within Resources and custom name them to store your different document types).

There are lots of other documents like Licenses and Registrations that have an expiry so again, this Resource Notification tool will help ensure everything is up to date all the time.


How it Works

On the front Dashboard, you can see instantly the number of resources, the documents that are approaching their expiry date (within 30 days) and the documents that have expired.

Just another Formitize tool to help you run your business better.