Recapping 2021: The Year That Was

As 2021 draws to a gentle close, we reflect on the achievements and events that shaped a year we’ll all surely remember. While COVID-19 continued to take hold of the world and changed the ways we went about our day-to-day lives, there were still great celebrations and milestones that will forever remain just as significant. 

Here we countdown the year that shaped Formitize, both in front of and behind the scenes. 

1. Working From Home

Like most other office workers worldwide, Formitize employees around the globe were instructed to minimise their danger of exposure by working from home. Laptops and office plants were taken home indefinitely, and what was expected to be a matter of weeks became months. Throughout it all, we maintained a sense of unity with regular virtual catch-ups (both professional and personal) and continued to check in on one another as isolation took hold. 

Despite the difficulties of not being in the same physical space as one another, we quickly clued onto the environmental and personal benefits that came with this new model. It wasn’t all bad! 

Working from home was a new experience for many in our team

2. We turned 9

We proudly celebrated nine years of Formitize in July. From humble origins as a very simple tool to collect user information in the field, we have crafted a business platform that is now used to manage entire businesses of varying sizes. Along the way, there have been great milestones and great challenges, each faced head-on with confidence and the skills of a powerful team. 

We chatted with our Founder and CEO Matt Burge about the journey from Formitize’s infancy to its current position as a sophisticated business management platform. 

3. Head office expansion

With great excitement, our Sydney head office doubled its footprint this year (even though we weren’t able to enjoy it!). At the hands of our trusted builder (and Formitizer) Phil, we watched the evolution of the new space from a former gym to an inviting, modern and productive office space. 

Our Sydney team is so excited to head back to the office to enjoy this beautiful area. Great work, Phil! 

Newly refurbished boardroom in our Sydney Head Office

4. Work on V3 continued

Our talented designers and developers have continued to forge ahead on our newest version of the Formitize app, Version 3. This new version will contain new and improved features, a completely revamped look and feel, more intuitive design and functionality and will make day-to-day work even more seamless. It’s a mammoth undertaking and one that they have approached with enthusiasm. Watch this space for more information about its release in 2022. 

All the while, we have continued to improve upon our current version with added features and enhancements added every week. This balancing act between finessing the existing version and building the new one hasn’t always been easy, but the teams have managed it brilliantly. 

5. COVID-19 response

We’re really proud of the ways we have supported our clients and each other during the pandemic. Last year we released EVRsafe, an electronic record system that allows visitors to check in using a unique QR code. It was completely free for everyone around the world; we simply saw it as a way of sharing our knowledge and helping businesses to remain safe and open. 

This year we released free COVID Safety Forms for our clients, allowing them to be protected and legally compliant. We also offered tailored COVID relief to clients who were struggling and helped them navigate their challenges as a result of working from home.

Formitize has released a range of COVID-19 tools and responses

We’re proud of our clients and staff members, who have shown just how resilient and dedicated they are in the face of the challenges this year has thrown our way. We salute 2021 with a mixed bag of emotions, and we welcome 2022 with dreams of smoother seas ahead.

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