Removing the paper middleman in your business – the COVID trend you need to jump on

With so many cities around the world still experiencing restrictions due to COVID-19, one of the trends the Formitize team is seeing (which may be a result of work-from-home scenarios), is the increase in demand for Webforms.

When it comes to customer agreements, our clients have told us that incorporating Webforms as part of the process has increased the functionality, ease, and customer experience to get the sign-off they need, rather than just sending a PDF or an email. More and more people are wanting to take out the paperwork middle man altogether, allowing all their usual ‘paper’ dealings to take place online.

Webforms have the potential to completely transform your business. Here are some of the benefits:

1. Onboarding made easy

If most people are working from home, Formitize Webforms provide an easy way for everyone to continue doing business.

Webforms make processes like communication and collecting details straightforward and seamless. They remove the tedious process of paper onboarding and enable you to gather information fast so you can start doing business with people.

Formitize Webforms are all about communicating with third parties. So, you can now make forms available for supplier applications, subcontractor applications, and new client and employee applications, just to name a few.

On the customer side, Webforms can be used for proposals, agreements, contracts, and in any other circumstance where you are interacting with your customers.

2. Health and safety compliance

Webforms are incredibly valuable, and are proving to be even more important as lockdowns prevent our normal ways of operating.

In a COVID-19 setting, particularly as people are working from home, Webforms are great for at-home safety checks, self-assessments for home-office inspections, and cleaning and hygiene checklists.

In a contactless environment, Webforms make it really easy to keep staff and customers safe by allowing them to provide and check the necessary information. Historical health and safety data is also paramount at this time, making the securely stored information collected by Webforms a greater business asset than ever before.

3. Enhance the professionalism of your business

Something that so many Formitize users have noted is the professionalism that Webforms add to their business.

Webforms not only make things easier and more seamless, but also presents your business with striking professionalism. With Formitize, you can custom-brand all of your documents and processes which enhances your brand and corporate identity.

In a world that is quickly advancing in terms of technology, the digital capabilities of your business are not only preferred, they are expected. Continuing to run your business predominantly using paper not only slows down your processes, but it can also have a negative impact on your brand and customer experience too.

Overall, the times we are living in demand that business moves online. With work-from-home scenarios, and health and safety firmly under the spotlight, having the necessary
documents like your Terms and Conditions, safety compliance, and new client contracts all online means you have a history of all communication and information secured straight into a portal. Not only is the information safe, neat, and accessible from any location, it also means instantaneous processes that will set the new pace for your business.

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