New Industry-Leading Report Templates Change the Game

Aussie pest and termite managers are facing more insurance regulation and legal governance than ever before, with the pressure to accurately and efficiently capture onsite information being felt across the industry.

Formitize, an Australian pest control software company, is excited to launch a suite of custom-built pest control report templates that not only adhere to industry and Australian Standards, but are also clear and easy to navigate and understand for home and business owners.

The new templates cover the entire range of Termite Inspection and Management Reports, as well as Timber Pest Inspections, General Pest, Agreements, Webforms, General Business and WHS forms.

Formitize CEO, Matt Burge, says the new Reports are about making life easier for the pest industry. “We know that the industry needs to feel legally protected and adequately supported behind the scenes, but paperwork isn’t, and shouldn’t be, their main priority. We set out to build the full set of templates to take the regulatory pressure off the operators and free them up so they can focus on their real work – eliminating termites,” he says.

iPest and Termite Solutions CEO, Michael Racca, says he’s gained peace of mind, efficiency and clarity by adopting the new industry-specific Reports. “I’m very particular with how I do my Reports, and these Reports are an amalgamation of everything I have learnt working for myself and for other companies. So the way they are now – this is exactly the way that I like my Reports to be. With other systems you can’t write notes, can’t take photos, or you’re not sure how to get things in the format you want them. But with Formitize, it’s all there, and if it’s not I call [the Client Success Team] and get the answer straight away,” he says.

The suite of Reports meet insurers’ requirements with approval from Rapid Solutions and Wallace/Wymark, eliminating another cause for concern for business owners. The Reports also pay consideration to the AEMPA Codes of Practice in Termite Management, adding further reassurance.

Presenting professionally and clearly to the home and business owners who engage them is paramount to pest inspectors. The ability to have an end-to-end solution, serving the operator from the outset of the job while providing their customers with approachable, branded documentation is a game-changer.

Mr Racca is proud to send his paperwork to his clientele. “Clients think it looks very professional and very clear. It was presented to me by Will and it’s all true to form. I also receive all the Reports [in addition to clients] and there is no mistaking where everything is, and where everything should be. It’s all in the right place and there’s no misunderstanding.

“For example with the photos, the explanation is right next to the photo instead of all the photos being in one place and all the explanations being somewhere else, where you then need to keep referring back,” he says.

A longstanding allegiance with the pest control industry has created a natural synergy between what is required and what Formitize has delivered. “We have a strong and passionate following of pest managers from businesses of all sizes, from the largest to the smallest, so we understand exactly what they need from a regulatory, practical and legal perspective. These new pest control templates have been received with great confidence and excitement from hundreds of our valued clients already,” says Mr Burge.

The new forms are a welcome addition to the Formitize complete business solution, a full suite of business modules all in one place and all communicating beautifully with each other. The modules include: CRM Customer Database, Job Scheduling and Management, Task Management, Sales Pipeline, Asset Management, Safety, Document Management, Accounts (including Quotes, Invoices and Purchases), Online Proposals and a Compliance Register to manage multi-stage processes such as Incident Reporting and Complaint Management.

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