Revolutionize Your Mobile Forms with Formitize Form Builder

Did you know that there are many ways that you can customize your mobile forms using the Formitize Form Builder? It’s true! Formitize lets you create new digital forms or convert existing ones into paperless forms. Building a new form is quick and easy using the drag and drop tools. Plus, they’re not called smart forms for nothing – your form comes to life with smart logic – the form lets you choose from a bunch of options based on your choices and changes as you go along.



In fact, Formitize provides fully customizable job forms to suit your business perfectly so you can:

  • Use our ready to go industry templates, or
  • Build your own forms using the intuitive drag and drop Form Builder, or
  • Send us your form and we will formitize it for you, and
  • Choose from more than 20 amazing features to collect information.


Check out our latest Form Builder video:


As a global leader in mobile forms, Formitize includes a feature rich library of tools you can add to your forms to collect more information effortlessly. You can enable different forms to be associated to a Job for completion – from a 1-page Job Record to a 60-page Inspection Report. You can add the forms during the Job Setup, or add the forms manually on the job.

Formitize lets you customize your Job Forms to suit your business perfectly. You can use the pre-built industry forms or build your own using the drag and drop form builder. You can also send us your own form and we will build it for you. Real-time status of each form is always available, giving management amazing visibility of progress. Whatever mobile forms are needed for your business, we will have a solution.


Here are a couple of testimonials from our satisfied clients who love using our Form Builder:

“We are creating new forms for our needs and in doing this have understood the full benefits of the app. From what I have seen so far I would recommend to anyone… in most businesses really.”
Zap Services, New Zealand

“I really appreciate the effort Formitize has gone to for me. The forms they’ve created for my business are really easy to use!”
Dan Purkis Pest Control, Australia

But, don’t take our word for it, check it out for yourself! Start your Free 30 Day Trial Today and start building your own forms. Or we can do it for you.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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