Seven Amazing Features of Formitize Advanced Drawing

Have you ever wondered if you could use your tablet or smartphone for more than just taking pictures in the field? Perhaps take a picture and then draw on them to illustrate what is really happening on-site then upload the photos and drawings in one place for easy searching later. Look no more. Formitize now offers these and so much more in its Advanced Drawing feature.



What Formitize Advanced Drawing Can Do

Formitize Advanced Drawing lets you do a lot of things – import a floor plan, take photos, draw on them, add legend icons, comments and tags from within the App plus so much more. The feature-rich and fully integrated drawing tool provides one of the best paperless app-based drawing tool solutions in the world.


Formitize Advanced Drawing also offers these amazing features:

1. 5 Layers – Build up your drawing using the five different layers of the Drawing tool. The layers include the Background, Grid, Content, Text and Legend. You can disable layers while drawing and you can also decide which layers are visible in the output report by simply touching on the indicators.
2. Backgrounds – Upload photos, images, floor plans or sketches as a background to the drawing tool. You can Stretch, Ratio Resize or Tile the background before to ensure best fit.
3. Import – Camera – Take a photo with the device camera and draw straight over the top – with or without the background grid. Add text and images as required.
4. Import – Photo Library – Images can also be imported from your device photo library so you can take multiple photos for use in the report and then select the photos you want to draw or add comments on.
5. Import – Resources – Upload documents such as floor plans and maps from the office into the Resources section of the Management Portal and the field users have immediate access to them in the field saving so much time and travel. The field user then uploads the plan into the drawing tool and can immediately draw and sketch onto the image.
6. Legend – You can build a customized Legend of icons that can be dragged and dropped onto your image.
7. Form Integration – Icon Count – Taking the Legend feature one step further… And this is cool! When you drag a Legend icon onto the image, Formitize actually counts the number of icons as they are added.
So for example, an electrician can drag and drop the Power Socket icon onto the Floorplan image. Not only does the floorplan then show exactly where the power sockets have been added, it actually counts the number added. This number can then be incorporated into the pricing section of a quote form for example and automatically prices the job with the detailed floorplan attached.


Now you too can do all these and so much more with Formitize Advanced Drawing feature. Explore the amazing features provided by the paperless Formitize app. Everyday we are formitizing our clients’ paperwork.

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