Seven Reasons Why Using Mobile Forms Is Best for Your Business

The latest technological advancements provide the best ways to save time, money and resources for your business. From gadgets to mobile applications or apps, you have many options to increase profits and lower costs. Using mobile forms, for instance, offers you more opportunities for cost-savings while giving you a better option as compared to using your good-old laptop or relying on that growing mountain of paperwork on your desk.



Here are 7 reasons why mobile forms are best for your business:

  1. Fast and accurate data collection – Gathering data using mobile forms is fast and accurate because all you have to do is open the paperless form in your smartphone or tablet and fill out the items in your checklist or questionnaire using new or existing data. This prevents common mistakes made when using paper and pen to fill out forms as the app helps detect errors and mistakes entered in the form. Plus, there’s no need to enter the data into the system after the paperwork is done because the information is already saved in the app in your smartphone.
  2. Quick and easy upload – Once your mobile workforce collects that much needed data, they can quickly and easily upload the forms when they are done. No need for complicated steps. Just open the form using Formitize, fill it out, and then upload the finished form to the “cloud” using the app as long as there’s Internet connection. Simple.
  3. Syncs using 3G/4G – Using your smartphone or tablet, you can sync mobile forms using WI-FI or 3G/4G Internet connection. This means you can update existing information using your smartphone and then upload the new data using your phone’s 3G/4G connection. If you don’t have any Internet connection, you can save that data for upload later as Formitize syncs your data when Internet connection is established.
  4. Accessible anytime, anywhere – Because mobile forms are saved in the “cloud,” it’s easier to access them whenever, wherever. Formitize lets you fill out the forms and then save them with keywords for easy search later.
  5. Less bulky choice – Obviously, mobile forms are the lighter choice. You can just use any smartphone or tablet to open the Formitize app, update the form, and then save everything in the “cloud.” No need to lug around heavy laptops or manuals or carry bulky paperwork. All you need is Formitize installed in your smartphone or tablet.
  6. More cost effective – Your mobile forms cut cost all around as data collection becomes faster, easier and more accurate. Your field agents can focus more on your customers’ issues as their work is cut in half with more time to spare on other, more important concerns. Going paperless does away with bulky paperwork as Formitize saves time, money and resources.
  7. Intelligent data gathering – Integrations with third party software such as QuickBooks and Xero allows you to use existing data and insert the appropriate information in the right box in your mobile form. This makes data collection smarter.


Make that Switch Today

If your paperwork is giving you a massive headache, then it’s time for you to make that switch to mobile forms. We will formitize your paperwork for you using our amazing paperless solution designed to help you create new smart forms. Or we can customize your forms for you so you can keep your current layout and integrate Formitize with your existing systems and workflows. Can we formitize your paperwork for you?

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