Smart Assist

22 October, 2020
Formitize is all about helping you run your business smarter.


Smart Assist


Formitize is all about helping you run your business smarter. 


Our Smart Assist program is designed to provide automated assistants to help complete many of the tasks in your business that can be automated. We are constantly adding new components to the Smart Assist program and you can access through the individual modules or through the Smart Assist section in Settings


Leads - Sales Assistant


The Sales Assistant will automatically help you engage with every new lead or enquiry. Customise your Sales Pipeline and trigger automated follow up messages by Email, SMS and letter to help you convert more business automatically!.


Quotes - Quotes Assistant


Once your quotes have been sent, Quoting Assistant will automatically follow them up for you. Different reminders can be sent as the quote gets older by email, letter and sms prompting the client to accept.


Invoices - Accounts Assistant


Accounts Assistant will automatically chase up all outstanding invoices for you. Triggered email, SMS and letters can be sent both before an invoice is due and then at stages after the due date with custom wording.


Form Reporting  - Reporting Assistant


The Reporting Assistant will prepare reports from your submitted form data and automatically send it to specific email addresses at specific times. Examples include automatically sending you the Time Sheet summary every 7 days, automatically sending a Materials Used summary on the last day of every month and so much more.


Job Status -  Customer Service Assistant


Keep your team and your customers automatically up to date and informed as each job moves through the job stages. From Created to Completed and everything in between the Assistant can send emails, sms and notifications to advise on where the job is up to. Your clients will love it!


Future Appointment Reminders - Scheduling Assistant


Scheduling Assistant will send Automated Reminders to your clients by letter, email and SMS to ensure future appointments are never missed and then follow up on completed jobs with automated communications such as Confirmations, Surveys and Referrals.