Smooth, Intuitive and Full of Features – Welcome to the New Formitize Management Portal

We are delighted to announce the upcoming release of the stylish, powerful new Formitize Management Portal.

The new release combines great looks, improved help functions and powerful new features on an advanced architecture all ready for exciting new modules to be released shortly.

The new design is clean, fresh and super friendly to use. Clients love the simplicity of Formitize so we try to ensure that more features doesn’t mean more complicated.



Cool New Dashboard to Monitor All Activities

All of the old information plus a whole lot more is beautifully displayed in the Dashboard providing clients with an instant, real-time snapshot of what’s happening in the business.


Submitted Form: QuickNav, Details and History

The new Edit Submitted Form page has some great features to help save time including a Quick-Nav option to locate any section of the form quickly with two clicks. The Details tab shows all relevant Version information and the History Tab reveals all related views and changes to the form.


Create and Customize Your Own Submitted Forms Pages

You can now create and customize your own Submitted Form pages with multiple tabs showing the information that you want to see in the order you want to see it. Within each tab you can then additionally pull multiple form data, custom name the column headings and present all your data as you want to see it.

Save Search feature also added to retain filtered searches until cleared.


Awesome New App And Portal Customization

Upload your logo and the magic happens. A colour palette is generated from the colours in your logo to automatically brand your Management Portal and your App. Impress your team and clients with a beautifully themed App and Management Portal using these or your own color choices. Separate logos can be used for the App Login Page and at the top of different forms.


Auto Upload Database

Adding new databases to Formitize is now super simple. Simply upload a CSV or Excel document into the Database Creator and your database is instantly created and ready to be accessed through your forms – the perfect way to lookup products, pricing, customers, supplier and so much more.


Custom Name PDF and Email Subject with Ease

With a few simple clicks you can now custom name your PDF Reports and Email Subject using both Free Text descriptions, Form Field results, Submitted Form ID and even User Details. The capability has been added to the Form Actions page where automated tasks can be triggered on form submission.


Switch Between Old and New

For a limited time, clients will be able to switch between the new and old versions as they become familiar with the new format. Every effort has been made to ensure the transition to the new version will be as smooth as possible for all users, with all menus and processes consistent with older version.

The migration to the new solution is being done on a country by country basis starting 24th June 2016.

For any further questions, please contact support@formitize.com.


Formitize – making paperwork paperless.

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