Three Amazing Things Formitize Can Do for You

21 February, 2018

Your business is your top priority. You’ve got clients to serve, field agents to manage, and jobs to assign and monitor. So how do you effectively manage your business? Simple. Go paperless.

Choose Formitize, and get access to the amazing features that we’ve got to offer. You’re probably wondering how Formitize can help your business.


Formitize has so much to offer. Here are 3 amazing things you can do with Formitize:


  1. It turns your paper forms into smart mobile forms that work with or without Internet connection using your app or secure website.
  2. It offers features like Time and Date Stamping, Barcode Reading, quotes and invoices, expenses and reporting.
  3. You also have the Formitize Management Portal 2.0, which provides an awesome range of features, including Mobile Form Creation, Submitted Form Review and Edit, Job Creation, Scheduling and Dispatching, GPS Tracking, Report Generation, and Document.


Getting to Know Your Management Portal

The Management Portal has lots of features – but its core functions are to build forms, create jobs to send to the App users, and then to receive the completed forms back from the App and process the information.


What is the Management Portal?

The Management Portal is the main control centre for your account. The Portal is where you manage your account details, settings and user permissions. It is a secure website, which means you can access it anywhere in the world with an Internet connection. Please note the Management Portal is optimized for the Google Chrome browser and whilst other browsers will essentially work, the experience is enhanced for Google Chrome.

There are a number of elements that are only available in the Management Portal – like the Full Scheduler, a number of the account customizations and User Settings.



Now that you’ve seen what Formitize has to offer, discover how Formitize can grow your business. Go paperless and choose Formitize.