Three Ways Pest Control App Can Stop Termites

20 January, 2016

Pest control requires more than just killing termites or other bugs; it also carries with it the responsibility of ensuring that the problem goes away and never comes back. So how do you ensure this? Using the Pest Control App will help!


Here are three ways the Pest Control App can stop termites and other infestation:

1. Ensure Proper Treatment – Using the right treatment can spell the difference between success and disaster. The Pest Control App can help with this as you prepare for a site visit. Using the app, you can take notes while on site and ensure that you are using the right treatment.

2. Take Photos During Inspection – They say a picture paints a thousand words. Using the Pest Control App, you can take pictures of the infestation as part of your documentation. It helps to have pictures of the actual situation to properly record the infestation.

3. Get It Right the First Time – When it comes to pest control, it’s important to get things right the first time to avoid any problems with customers filing complaints. The Pest Control App lets you take note of what is going on in the field in real time so you will always be in the loop.


Pest Control App in Action

The Pest Control App helps keep your mobile workforce on top of things as they record everything that’s going on in the field. As they fill out the smart forms from start to finish, every bit of site inspection is recorded with text, images, drawings, and even voice to text recording so that no inch is left uncovered. Your field agent has to fill out every step of the mobile form or else they can’t submit it. Once all the areas have been filled out, they can generate a paperless report and submit it to headquarters. After checking the reports, management can send a copy to the clients to update them of the status of their problem.

The best part about having photos and images built right into the Pest Control App is the way your mobile workforce can capture images in the field instantly, tag the image, and attach it along with the data taken in the digital forms. With just one click, you can have pictures of the termite infestation and the extent of the damage appended to your mobile forms. Photos make it so much easier to document and follow up on the actual problem during the on-site visit.

Now that all of your documentation is in the cloud, it’s so much easier to share information with your mobile workforce and with your customers. Reporting can be done in real-time with clean text and images so you can update you customers regarding the status of their case. The Pest Control App makes it fast and easy to share new data with your customers, especially when new developments arise in your service records.


Discover new ways to stop termites and other infestation in the field using the Pest Control App.