Three Ways to Avoid Mistakes in Construction Estimates

23 August, 2016

As a building contractor, you know that coming up with an accurate estimate of the projected cost of a construction project is vital to your business. Making mistakes in the estimate could spell disaster for your business because losing even one day of work in the middle of the construction job may cause serious financial losses. That’s why you need to plan ahead and make appropriate estimates to ensure that your project proceeds without a hitch.


Here are three ways to avoid mistakes in construction estimates:

1. Visit the job site – Some building contractors overlook the importance of job site visits prior to the beginning of the project. Being overconfident and skipping a site visit can cause some problems in the long run for the simple reason that you did not check the site prior to starting the job onsite.

2. Accurately estimate labour costs – Sometimes, this can be a problem that remains undetected until it’s too late. When you underestimate labour costs, you’re saddled with additional expenses that could derail your project. That’s why it helps to make an accurate estimate of your labour costs. There are online tools for this – all you have to do is find the right solution for you. Using mobile forms can help you accurately calculate labour and other costs.

3. Be prepared for project site surprises – It helps to have a contingency plan, especially when emergencies arise. Whether it’s a structural problem or damages caused by a water pipe bursting, some issues just don’t become a problem until midway through the project. That’s why it helps to be flexible and prepare a budget for such unwanted eventualities.


How Mobile Forms Help

Using mobile apps and digital forms can give you the boost you need to not only ensure accurate calculations for your cost estimates, but also provide a quick and easy workflow for your entire project. Right from the start, you’ve got all you need to get your project up and running. Formitize will enable you to prepare accurate estimates and help you avoid mistakes. Using mobile forms, you can submit competitive and realistic estimates that will sustain your project until it is complete.

You can also use mobile forms to monitor the work as you go along, thanks to jobs that you can assign and track on your very own management portal that comes with the Formitize app. The best part is everything you enter into these smart forms is less prone to errors than your old paperwork. Plus, figures uploaded into the paperless forms are automatically checked and corrected by the app, which makes for accurate calculations and helps you avoid mistakes in project estimates.

We will formitize your paperwork for you and transform your old paper forms into user-friendly mobile forms that you can customize any way you want.