Three Ways to Make Your Staff Trainings Fun and Interesting

Running your business requires three crucial things: satisfied customers, happy workers, as well as products and services that your clients love. So how do you keep your customers satisfied? You need to continuously develop and upgrade your products and services to meet their needs. You must keep your staff happy, motivated, and properly trained so they love going to work and serving your customers each day. Equip them with the right skills so they can deliver the best results in their respective positions. But how do you do that?



Training Is Key

Everyone needs training – whether they’re just starting out or they’re already on the job. Even experts require trainings at any given time. However, not everyone is keen on undergoing trainings. What if I told you that trainings don’t have to be boring and tedious? In fact, using the right tools, trainings can be fun and entertaining, as well as informative and educational.

By making trainings relevant and unique, you instill this desire for learning. Plus, your staff will appreciate the extra effort, which will hopefully motivate them to deliver the best customer service. People tend to remember trainings that are unconventional and out-of-the-box. You don’t have to spend a fortune or too much time on your trainings; you just have to make them enjoyable and unforgettable.


Here Are Three Simple Ways to Make Your Trainings Fun and Interesting:

1. Offer Rewards – Nothing feels better than being rewarded for a job well done. Giving your staff gifts and recognition during trainings builds loyalty and reinforces the belief that you appreciate your staff from the get-go. Your rewards don’t have to be extravagant – just sincere and from the heart. They will remember your kindness and learn to love your company, as well as their jobs.

2. Maximize BYOD – In this day and age of mobile technology, almost everybody owns a smartphone or tablet. You must take advantage of this Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) phenomenon because it’s a great way to get people’s attention. Incorporate mobile devices into your trainings and give your staff reasons to actively participate using fun exercises. Get your staff involved. Share your company’s mission and vision, your products and services, and other company data using paperless forms that they can access on their mobile devices.

3. Go Paperless – Using paperless checklists and guidelines, get your new (and old!) staff interested in your processes and workflows. Introducing them to paperlesstechnology will encourage them to become familiar with it so they are best equipped when the training ends and the actual work begins. Formitize can help you bridge the gap using mobile forms that your employees can access during or after the trainings so they can familiarize themselves with your company.

It’s easy to take trainings for granted. However, it pays to be creative because lessons learned the fun way during trainings are easier to remember and will help your staff deliver excellent customer service in the long run. You will see and reap amazing results when you invest in your staff’s trainings.

Amp up your trainings with Formitize. Your staff with thank you and your customers will love you for it! Ready to make that first big step? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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