Three Ways to Train Miners and Ensure Safety Using Technology

Safety is the number one priority when it comes to mining. And, to guarantee safety, training and education is paramount. Miners who are well trained tend to avoid accidents and mishaps as compared to those who don’t know what they are doing. Thus, it helps to conduct regular trainings to equip your mining team with the necessary skills to perform their jobs to the best of their capabilities and regulate safety. This is where technology becomes your best friend as it helps you train your miners, giving them the advantage they need.



Here are three ways to train miners and ensure safety using technology:

1. Training with mobile apps – Upload the latest versions of pertinent documents such as training manuals, evacuation procedures and individual jobs assignments. Give your miners opportunities for growth by providing them with useful documentation that they can access using their mobile devices anytime, anywhere. This enables them to learn constantly and guarantees non-stop training. These mobile forms can also improve communication in your mines, which helps ensure safety at all times.

2. Training with Wireless Sensors – Most governments have put into place laws that advocate compulsory installation of wireless communications and sensor systems in mines. These help promote safety and improve communication as they provide direct connections between miners and surface personnel in case of emergencies. Training also comes alive, thanks to these sensors and wireless devices that allow miners to talk to staff outside the mines.

3. Training with Virtual Reality – Gamers are familiar with the concept of virtual reality; now, miners will get acquainted with it too. You can simulate mine disasters sans the risk. During simulations, your miners will experience the sights, sounds and smells of a mine emergency without the actual negative effects that result from these disasters. As long as you’ve got Internet connection, you’re good to go. Everyone remains safe while training continues.


Maximizing Technology for Safety

Technology helps ensure safety and save lives in your mines. You just need to find the right solution that works for you and your business. Without it, mining can be very risky. But, with the right software, you can guarantee safety for your miners and for people in the vicinity of your mining operations.

Aside from that, using technology for safety and training also cuts costs for your business in the long run as you avoid disasters that could have you paying millions of dollars in damages. Not only do you improve your training and enhance your safety measures, you also guarantee effective communications for every member of your team.

Formitize lets you create customized mobile forms that you can use as mobile safety checklists, thus, replacing your old paper forms, giving you more accuracy and efficiency in your inspections. Let us formitize your paperwork for you.

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