Top Three Reasons to Transition to the Cloud

Running a small business can be quite the challenge. You have to stay on top of so many things. That’s why it helps to delegate some responsibilities to people you trust. It’s also useful to save your documents in the cloud as it brings so many advantages with it.



Here are 3 reasons why you should make the shift to the cloud:

1. Easy Monitoring – When you save smart forms in the cloud, you can easily monitor your field agents and get alerts on what they are up to. Tracking your mobile workforce and what they are doing in the field is now made so much easier by the Formitize app. This amazing paperless tool enables you to monitor your staff’s progress from start to finish with paperless forms and jobs saved in the cloud. The time and date stamps in these eForms let you can track where they are and what they have completed using the app.

2. Efficient Operations – Now it’s so much easier to manage documents as you save all of your mobile forms in the cloud. Just assign the jobs using digital forms that you can send directly to your mobile workforce, forms that they can fill out in the field wherever, whenever. Saving files in the cloud promotes efficient operations as you can focus on more important areas of your business instead of spending so much time on paperwork.

3. Saves Time and Money – Saving documents in the cloud offers a whole lot of savings in time, money, and other resources. No more saving paperwork in filing cabinets in your office. Imagine how much space that would save you. Not to mention the cost cuts from no longer buying paper, printer, toner, filing cabinets, etc. Even software, servers, and IT support can affect your bottom line. It helps to know how to store paperless forms in the cloud because the savings are so worth it!


Cloud Technology Is It!

In this day and age of technological advancements, it’s important to recognize the value of the cloud in terms of efficiency and savings. There’s no getting around it. The cloud offers a safe and secure place for your mobile forms and other paperless reports, as well as savings for your business to grow and prosper. Increase efficiency and productivity while cutting back on costs with Formitize.

We will help you make your paperwork paperless because you have so much to gain while saving so much time and money for your business. We will help you build your forms using your paperwork and convert them into mobile forms that you can access using your very own customized management portal. Save your electronic forms in the cloud and enjoy seamless sharing of the latest version of your documents with your organization.


Discover a world of possibilities when you go paperless and start saving files in the cloud. Explore the wonderful world of Formitize and get your business on the up and up.

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