Tough times don’t last – 5 tips to stay motivated amid COVID fatigue and the annual halfway point

The mid-year grind is hard at the best of times for businesses. Throw in the impact of COVID fatigue and the fading weeks of a long, hot summer, or a draining, icy winter (depending on which side of the equator you’re on), and you have a recipe for low motivation.

Here are our top 5 tips to combatting the mid-year slump:

1. Have a mentor and surround yourself with positive people

Have a network of people you trust and then lean on them. Having a supportive group of friends, family, and professionals helps us navigate through the hard times and improves our ability to respond to stress.

No one can go it alone in life – especially in business. Keeping people who uplift us, reassure us, and laugh with us, is important. Those who win and lose with us are necessary to stay motivated.

2. Exercise

There’s never been a more challenging time to exercise than in the middle of the year. For half of us, its dark, we crave comfort from our food and warm home, and we simply cannot be bothered. For the other half, the thought of opting to sweat even more than we already are is torture.

Exercise is an incredibly useful tool for our mind and body, and it just has a magical ability to make us feel more on top of everything at work, more equipped to deal with obstacles that may arise, and more motivated and energised in general. Strong body = strong mind.

3. Win the morning; win the day

We hear it being said all the time, but it really is true – a good morning routine has a powerful impact on the rest of our day. By simply waking up early enough to prevent the workday panic, and practising gratitude for our health, our loved ones, and our opportunity to have a good day, then we’re guaranteed to feel a lot happier and in control.

Making use of the morning by reading or listening to a podcast is also a great way to invest in your brain and kickstart a day of productivity and focus.

4. Work smarter, not harder

Having good systems in place within a business is life-changing. Those parts of our companies – the accounts, follow-ups, job scheduling – are momentum killers to say the least. They’re the tedious, mind-numbing tasks that can paralyse us, even on good days. Dealing with paperwork and business formalities on top of the current global uncertainty is the last thing any business-owner wants.

Solutions like Formitize have literally been developed with the sole purpose of making things easier for business owners. Have everything in one place, and let automation do the work for you.

5. Remember your why

If all else fails (it won’t), let’s remember our why. Remembering the reasons we first started our businesses, how it’s making a difference and impacting our communities, and what initially fuelled our fire is key to keeping that fire burning.

If you’d like to see how Formitize can relieve you of one stress – the stress of poor systems and workflow – get in touch and book a demo here: https://www.formitize.com/demo-landing/

As for the rest, we know things are tough. But tough times don’t last. A few small changes to your current routine will reignite your motivation in no time.

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