Oz tech company gears up for big rest of year after companies realise value of digital

17 June, 2021
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Specialising in paperless business solutions, Australian tech company Formitize has experienced increasing demand for its offering following a year which forced the implementation of digital workflow solutions for many companies.

Formitize CEO, Matt Burge, says working-from-home situations exposed the faults in paperreliant businesses while showcasing how tech solutions can transform every aspect of a company and the way they work and deliver for their clients.

“Paper based reporting and processes in a business just don’t make sense anymore. Mistakes can so easily be made, information can be missed, and, in most cases, the information needs to be re-entered into a system of some sort anyway.”

Clients who have started using Formitize say it’s been immediately transformative to their businesses, according to Burge, who founded the tech company in 2013 along with a team of keen innovators who also had a passion to improve the way businesses work.

“Formitize started with a simple message and by-line – Making Paperwork, Paperless. We wanted to digitise forms through an app and supporting web management portal to collect information out in the field in a smart and process-driven way, which could then be immediately viewed, edited and reported on.

“Clients could be anywhere in the world, complete the smart form and their customers instantly receive a PDF report emailed to them. No mistakes, nothing missed, all time, date and GPS recorded, an all metadata from the form fields saved and available to analyse and report on.

“The potential to improve business operations was massive. By making paperwork paperless, we knew we could really help in many ways all over the world.”

When starting Formitize, Burge says it was always in the plans to evolve and constantly make improvements to the software – improvements and advancements which have now been implemented over the past year and continue to develop.

“As anticipated, our clients’ need for greater functionality has grown, and, while paperless forms and data collection have and always will be super important to us, we have evolved as a solution and continue to invent new and smarter ways of doing things.

“From our mobile forms and data collection origins, we have developed a full suite of smart business modules including CRM, Document Management, Asset Management, Job Management, and a Sales Pipeline”

As a result, Formitize has coined a new by-line of “Innovating Smarter Business”, something that better aligns with and is more representative of the full suite on offer and the service they improve for clients into the future.

Reflecting on the company’s journey to date and what they’ve been able to achieve for businesses in Australia and internationally has been pleasing, says Burge.

“It has been an amazing journey so far. From starting as a Smart Forms solution company to helping our clients improve in every aspect of their business has been incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing more exciting than hearing a client literally say “Wow!” when they see their old paperwork and processes Formitized.

“We are genuine inventors of technology, with an amazingly talented team of designers, innovators and developers that share an incredible passion for delivering smarter business solutions.

“Looking to the future, there are so many exciting projects in development including a brand new app, with everything focused around making things better, easier and smarter, which we can’t wait to share with our clients.”

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Formitize leads the world in smart forms and integrated business solutions. With clients ranging from government agencies and many of the world’s largest corporations to thousands of small businesses across more than 200 industries globally, Formitize automates millions of processes and forms, powerfully improving the way businesses work.



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