Welcome to OpporJUNEity!

24 April, 2024
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Fine-tune your road to efficiency and save even more time. This June, we're offering our clients the following modules FREE for three months! Explore them, play around with them, use them in your business and discover the joy of enhanced automation (and the time it saves).



Complete Asset Management platform that integrates seamlessly to CRM, Client Locations, Jobs and Forms creating a powerful and flexible Asset solution, with Change Log and QR integration.

Valued at $19.99/month



Create Webforms with our Drag and Drop builder with so many applications. Full page view for client completion, iFrame view to plug into websites, Email Link for Agreements and Surveys. Integrated with CRM & Jobs.

Valued at $19.99/month



Powerful Smart Routing route optimization. One click automatically re-orders your jobs for the day to save time and fuel. Smart, simple to use and integrated beautifully into the Job Scheduler.

Valued at $19.99/month


Win the the work/life battle once and for all. These modules are sophisticated yet simple to navigate and will equip you and your team with more time, less manual handling and greater peace of mind.

You’ll wonder how you lived without them.




How it works

1. Choose which module/s you'd like to try at no cost for three months. You can select one, two or all three.

2. Fill out the OpporJUNEity Activation Form

3. Our team will activate the module/s within one business day; you'll be ready to go before you know it. Any sign-ups during May will be activated from 1 June.

4. Following the three-month OpporJUNEity promotion, the selected modules will be automatically added to your regular subscription on your existing billing date.


The Fine Print

- This promotion is eligible to existing clients only.

- In the instance where an add-on module is already part of a paid subscription, it is ineligible for a three-month free trial. However, any additional add-on modules that are not currently part of the account may be trialled under the terms of OpportJUNEity.

- Activation of the add-on modules is open between 1-30 June 2024.

- Following the free trial period, the selected module/s will automatically be added to the subscription unless the client advises otherwise.