What You Can Do with Formitize Resources eLibrary

Does your mobile workforce have trouble keeping up with the latest company documents? Do they need to carry around bulky paperwork just to keep your customers informed of your company’s latest products and services? Are you getting tired of paperwork getting out of hand? If this is the case, then Formitize Resources eLibrary is what you need.

Formitize Resources eLibrary is the perfect, paperless library of health and safety documents, operating procedures, catalogs and marketing material, pricing schedules, material safety data sheets, newsletters, sales literature or any other reference material you use. Your mobile workforce will have all the latest versions with them all the time wherever they go via Formitize Resources eLibrary.



Effective Document Management System

Formitize Resources eLibrary is a simple yet very effective document management and version control system. Simply upload the new document in the Resources section of your Management Portal and all mobile devices sync and update. Compliance and Senior Management can relax knowing that everyone has the latest versions of all documents with them at all times.


Here are some of the amazing features of the Formitize Resource eLibrary:

1. Customized Folders – Create your own folders and customize their names to suit your business. Your different document types can then be added to the respective folders.
2. Upload Documents – Simply upload your documents to the relevant Folder and save. Once saved, all mobile devices sync to ensure everyone has only the latest version.
3. Version Number – You can allocate a version number to each upload to track and manage all changes.
4. Expiry Date – You can add an expiry date when loading the document. Many forms such as Material Data Sheets have a limited life and it’s important that that expired documents are managed and updated.
5. Automated Expiry Notification – Set an expiry date notification and you will be emailed the pre-set number of days prior to the document expiry to ensure that you don’t forget to update.
6. Version History – The Resources solution includes a full Document Management History recording all transactional changes to your documents therefore providing a full archive of all version changes and edits.


Just imagine… your mobile workforce can do their jobs in peace – never needing to rush to the office each day to pick up your latest sales catalogues. All they have to do is open the app using their tablets or smartphones and search for the latest versions of the required document in the Resources eLibrary. All documents are easy to find and are accessible anytime, anywhere in the field. Everything is paperless so you and your mobile workforce can share any document using Formitize Resources eLibrary. Explore the other amazing features offered by Formitize Resources eLibrary. We will formitize your forms and paperwork.

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