Why Formitize Is a Powerful Tool for Company Compliance

Would you like to boost your business without shelling out thousands of dollars for some fancy equipment? Are you keen on improving your workflows without having to hire more people to join your team? Are you looking for an efficient system to help your mobile workforce stay updated with new company policies and documentation without them having to come into the office every single day? If you answered “Yes!” to these questions, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s high time for you to go paperless!

Have you ever wondered why paperless technology is gaining momentum right now? For one, it’s making workflows faster, lighter and easier to complete. Another very obvious benefit that paperless apps provide is the capability to upload and share files wherever, whenever. In fact, we at Formitize have perfected this system. We offer “Resources” – a feature that simplifies the process of uploading, editing and sharing information across all areas of your business.



What Are “Resources?”

“Resources” are files of any type that you would like to be available to your agents in the field. “Resources” enables you to upload documents into the management portal. You can view documents in PDF, PowerPoint, spreadsheets, and other digital forms using any Apple, Android, or Windows device. This includes sales literature, safe work method statements, materials safety data sheet, catalogues, safety manuals, and company policy documents.

You can also upload your latest color catalogues so you don’t need to reprint new catalogues and brochures. Your salespeople no longer have to carry around bulky new brochures and sales catalogues. You can upload the brochures as a pdf and inform them so they can sync the app, view the new brochure or catalogue, and show it to your customers.

Every time you upload a document, your mobile workforce will have access to everything while they are on the field. When you update your management policy, you can upload the latest version and your employees can sync and access the updates using their mobile devices. Instead of paper versions, they can simply update the app and view the latest policy. You can change settings so that, by default, everybody has access to the latest version.


What Can I Do With “New Resources?”

Management can use ‘New Resources’ to upload new documents so that your mobile workforce will have access to everything while they are on the field. Whenever you update a management policy, you can upload the new version and watch as it syncs in the management portal, giving your employees access to the latest documents. You don’t have to use paper versions. Simply update the app and use it as a powerful tool for company compliance.

By default, everybody has access to the latest version. Your salespersons no longer have to lug around heavy color catalogues. You can upload the color catalogues and brochures in pdf and update them. And then your staff can show the latest version to your customers using their Apple, Android, or Mobile phone 8 devices.

Would you like to try out “Resources” for yourself? Start your Free 30-day Trial Today!


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