Why You Need Mobile Apps for Your Electrical or Plumbing Business

Business owners who operate an electrical or plumbing business know that they need to understand and implement renewable energy technologies across their organization in order to keep up with the constantly evolving systems. They need to keep their mobile workforce updated with the latest in technology, including training and improving on their skills and knowledge so they can be more competitive in the field.



Mobile Apps and Your Business

Aside from learning about new renewable energy technologies, your staff also needs to understand the important role of mobile applications, or apps, in your business. Because most people already know how to use mobile apps in their gadgets, it won’t take you too much time to train them on how to use your new mobile app. When you go paperless and encourage your workers to bring their own device, you give them the opportunity to enhance your current workflows and systems while giving them more room for growth by encouraging them to work with mobile apps – something they are already familiar with.


What Mobile Apps Can Do

You can use mobile apps to read or review products manuals and other vital documents. You can also keep information about equipment and pricing on hand so your staff can just look them up when they need more data in the field. Your mobile workforce can calculate the cost of services rendered while they are in the field so they don’t need to come into your office just to get their jobs done right. Imagine the time saved when using mobile apps for work.

A great mobile app can help you gather information in the most efficient and time-saving manner. Now, you can avoid data entry errors when you use your mobile apps to collect information from your customers. Unlike before when you had to use paper forms to jot down information and then manually enter the data when you get to the office, today, you can simply open your paperless app using your smartphones or tablets and then take notes and upload the data to the “cloud.” This eliminates the errors and mistakes that normally occur when gathering information using paper and pen.

Going paperless reduces the time it takes to get a job done as it eliminates the need to go to the office. Using mobile forms, you can upload new data in the “cloud” and update information anytime, anywhere. This type of convenience can only come from using mobile apps. Your mobile safety inspection checklists, timesheets, project estimates, daily field reports and other mobile forms are now ready for you and your mobile workforce to view and update using your mobile app.

We can help you formitize your paperwork today. Would you like to learn more about Formitize paperless app and how you can use it to grow your business?

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