Why You Need Mobile Forms In Your Vehicles & Logistics Business

Running and maintaining your vehicles and logistics business takes a lot of time, money and human resources. You need to keep your vehicles in tip-top shape or else you won’t be able to deliver your customers’ requirements. You will also need to perform regular scheduled maintenance of your equipment and keep your workers updated of any changes in your heavy road construction vehicles to ensure that there will be no surprises along the road after every maintenance check.



How Mobile Forms Help

Using mobile forms in your vehicles and logistics business can save you time, money and other resources as data collection is automated with all of the information safely stored in the “cloud.” For instance, you can use smart forms when performing inspections to ensure that everything is recorded. This also helps you avoid common errors that your old paperwork usually carries. Now your workers can accurately gather and store information in the “cloud” using one amazing mobile app.

Formitize offers many ways to maximize your paperless forms. Your mobile safety checklist lets you perform maintenance and safety inspections and store all data collected during the check-ups in mobile forms that you can store online for future use. You can even generate paperless reports that sums up what your staff discovered during their inspections. Formitize lets you do this and so much more.


Formitize Scheduler

Formitize lets you schedule all of your People on one clean and simple calendar-based scheduler that’s really easy-to-follow. It’s great to have your people scheduled, but you also need to ensure the right equipment is available to do the Job, so we have added an Asset section to the scheduler. Assets include any items such as Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Equipment – any Asset you use and need to Schedule.

Formitize Scheduler allows you to schedule both people and assets so you can match your people with the right assets to help them perform their jobs properly. Using digital forms that are accessible with any smartphone or tablet, your mobile workforce can work on their assigned jobs in the field and submit the forms when they are ready so that you can check them. Now you too can monitor the jobs and correspond with your workers in real time so they can deliver your customers’ needs quickly and efficiently.

You can do so much more with Formitize; you can even customize your mobile forms so that you’re still able to use the format that you’re accustomed to in your old paper forms. Or we can formitize your paperwork for you and provide you with a clean slate using smart forms that meet your requirements and let you do your daily work in less time. Imagine your cost-savings when you make the switch. That’s money that you can invest in other areas of your business. You can even buy new equipment with all the money that you will save when you formitize your paperwork.

Can we formitize your paperwork for you?

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