Why Your Restaurant’s Patrons Want You to Go Paperless

13 August, 2018

In its report – “Eating Out in Australia: 2016 in Review” – FutureFood.com.au reveals that “Australians spend $45 billion per year on eating out, which equates to approximately $100 per household per week. The average Australian eats out two to three times per week and they are eating healthier and opting for healthier cuisines, causing a decline in popularity for concepts like steak houses and diners-style offerings. Aussies have 82,000 places to choose from when they do eat out, including 22,000 restaurants, 29,000 fast food outlets and 21,000 cafes.”


What This Means

So how does all this data affect your food service business in Australia? Considering how much your customers love to dine out, you’ve got a steady stream of patrons, old and new, to keep the fires burning in your kitchen for many years, even decades to come. Today, eating healthy has become the norm for most diners so it would really help if you upgrade your menu to reflect their evolving palate. Not only will this guarantee returning customers but also positive feedback via word of mouth from your satisfied patrons.


But Why Should You Go Paperless?

I could mention a thousand and one reasons why you need to consider going paperless (if you haven’t already). But let me share just three vital ways that going paperless will help your restaurant reel in more customers and keep them coming back for more. Here they are:


1. Increased Response Time

Now your staff can provide seamless service from start to finish, thanks to Formitize. From the moment your customers walk in, get assigned to a table, and give their orders to your waiters who relay them to your chefs in the kitchen until they finish eating and pay their bill. Every step can be done using our paperless app and a tablet, and fast! Imagine how impressed your patrons would be when they receive their favorite food with delicious portions, wonderful presentation, and in record time.


2. Improved Inspection Process

Say goodbye to the painful process of inspections that you used to do on paper. No more delays in checking systems and equipment, as well as filing and locating necessary documents. Check every nook and cranny in your restaurant and record everything using Formitize. Our paperless app will help you keep your facility in tip top shape so you’re always on point when it comes to providing the best foods and services to your customers. Plus, when the Health Inspector comes to visit, you get to avoid fines and you keep your restaurant’s sterling reputation intact.


3. Rave Reviews and Effective Marketing

Your customers are the bread and butter of your business. Without them, your restaurant ceases to exist. Getting top ratings and positive feedback is crucial to the success of your restaurant. So how do you keep the hype going? The answer is quite simple, really. Just deliver excellent foods and services in the least amount of time. Going paperless helps you do this and so much more!


Create a social media presence to get everyone talking about your restaurant. Providing great services and food can be the springboard from which your customers can share experiences and discuss your restaurant. Patrons who enjoy going to your resto will most definitely leave glowing comments. Their rave reviews – coupled with enticing images of the food you’re serving in your restaurant – will surely drive more footfalls into your premises.

Ready to take the first step to going paperless?