Celebrating UN World Youth Skills Day. A chat with William.

15 July, 2021
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1. Tell us how you came to work at Formitize.

My father and uncle are the founders of Formitize, and I grew up hearing all about it, and how it was improving and growing so quickly. Through high school I worked at Woolworths, which really helped in establishing my customer service foundations. I was a really shy kid all throughout school, but that casual job at Woolies taught me confidence and a good chunk of my communication skills. I think that my father saw these drastic changes in confidence and communication, and thought that I would be well suited to a Client Success Manager role at Formitize.


2. How long have you worked at Formitize?

I have been working with Formitize for 10 months now, and have enjoyed every second of it. I am learning new things about the Formitize system and building new, awesome relationships with people each and every day.


3. When you were a child, what did you see yourself doing as an adult?

When I was younger I always had the classic childhood dream of being a professional Football or Basketball player. As I matured and woke up to myself and my abilities, I always felt that I would be well suited to Sports Science, Physiotherapy or teaching PDH/PE in schools.


4. Do you have any formal tertiary education? Whether you do or do not, how did it affect where you ended up?

I went straight to university after I graduated from high school, and studied Physical Education with plans to become a PDH/PE teacher. I studied for two years, before realising that I am not exactly sure if it was right for me at that stage in my life. I was working at Formitize while studying for a good part of my second year at university, and when I decided that it wasn’t the right time to be studying, I transitioned to work full-time at Formitize while I made my mind up. This then turned into a really professional and stable job that I loved, and I actually stopped contemplating what I was meant to be doing because Formitize just felt right. I haven’t looked back since, and want to stick around for as long as possible.


5. Give us a run down of a typical day in your working life.

A typical day at Formitize for me starts with welcoming all the people who have created a new free trial. This involves giving them a call and asking what they are looking for and how we can help. Being able to help people fix problems they are currently having in their business is such a rewarding part of the job. I then book this client in for a 30-minute walkthrough of the Formitize system, where I give them a tour of their Formitize account, answer any questions that they may have, and then discuss the next steps in the process with them so that nothing is left ‘up in the air’. These walkthroughs are a great way to build a relationship with the client in the early stages, and to further show them how we can help. Whenever I am not doing welcome calls or walkthroughs with clients, I am following up with existing clients to see how they are going with their account and how we can help them get more from their Formitize experience.


6. What are the top 3 skills you have learnt in your current role?

The top 3 skills that I have learnt in my role at Formitize are:

  • Knowing how people think, work and communicate, so that I can effectively communicate with them, and help them as best I can.
  • Working in an office environment. Cooperating and connecting with the people that I work with.
  • Delegation and time management. Knowing my role and sticking to it. This helps me manage my time and focus on things that are relevant to me. This also helps everyone else stick to their roles, and makes the whole business flow much more smoothly and efficiently.


7. What has working at Formitize taught you about the world of business?

Working at Formitize has taught me that the world of business is a love and a hobby that I never thought I would have. There is so much opportunity, and so many good ideas out there that are waiting to happen. It has also given me a newfound respect for all business owners, as now I understand what it takes to run a successful business, and the hard work and sacrifice that is involved.


8. What do you love most about your job?

The thing that I love most about my job is that I get to connect and build relationships with people every day. Whether it is a new client that I am helping and learning about, or a coworker who I am collaborating with, I am learning more and more from different people all the time.


9. What do you see yourself doing in 20 years’ time?

In 20 years’ time, I picture myself in a similar position to the one I am in now. Whether it is working with Formitize and helping it to grow further, or building my own business focused on helping others, I feel that business is where I am meant to be!


10. Has your workplace experience differed to your friends’ during COVID?

I think that Formitize has given me a much more professional and stable job than what my friends currently have. There is always uncertainty for them as to whether they will have work or not when COVID makes more of an impact. My role at Formitize is extremely flexible in that I can work just as effectively and productively from home as I can in the office. Many of my friends have jobs where they are unable to work from home, so when COVID times get tough, they are left without work. No matter how bad the COVID situation gets, people in the world still need to run their businesses, and our Formitize team needs to help them do that as best we can.